3 Nov 2006, 06:06 by tcallahan

    SO TODAY WHILE I WAS ON THE CLOCK AT THE UNIVERSITY i went downtown in my quest to break out of the repetitive RELAPSE/MAN'S RUIN/HYDRA HEAD scene that i have been trapped in since like 1999 and I BOUGHT A Burzum CD CUZ OMGLOLZ i heard he had some ambient stuff... THIS IS A BLACK METAL RECORD.

    I HATE BLACK METAL IT'S LIKE JUST TURN THE TREBLE ON YOUR GUITAR ALL THE WAY UP AND SING IN CASTRATION OCTAVE. but i actually like this. ANd please do not check out the italian band Nazgul because it' is all the things you hate about black metal times THIRTY SIX. every song is in latin and they are ALL about lord of the rings and YEAH I KNOW IT SOUNDS AWESOME but it really blows.
    i'm out of money now so have been calling my brother at home to download music and burn it for me SINCE I CAN'T ON MY MAC.

    ALSo this is not related but i think it's cool how on PROWLER IN THE YARD the last like fivish songs starting with Snuff Film At Eleven run together with each other, that's like so kewl OMGLOLASLAFD.