• Photo Opportunity - The Band

    21 Jan 2008, 15:26 by pro-pro

    Photo Opportunity started it’s misson in the year 2000. Founding fathers Emile Proper and Dirk van Harten - who first started making music together in the 1980’s - had been fantasizing for years of maybe someday owning that one little record that everybody wanted to have but somehow so far nobody had bothered to record. While shouting “goddamn, we will do it ourselves” they withdrew to their studio somewhere in Amsterdam, Holland, and went to work. The whole exercise turned out pretty good: beta 2.003 is an album filled with committed steaming, smoking and swamping urban funk.

    This is how it all started, but since then things have changed. While working on beta 2.003 Emile and Dirk were frequently visited in their studio by Björn Houweling en Andrea Bliksteen. Just like the founding fathers, these are two multi musicians with broad interests, experiences in journalism, big ego’s and outspoken opinions. It didn’t take long before Björn and Andrea officially joined Photo Opportunity.