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  • Avatar for Monade2010
    ♫ ◕ ‿ ◕ ♪ * ♥¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) .•` * ♥ .•*¨*•
  • Avatar for Zajcik
    I wanna dance now.
  • Avatar for SLJRabling
    <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for CloserToTheSun_
    No words can describe my love for this song ♥ This will never get old.
  • Avatar for Hayoota
    its like bouncing of clouds.
  • Avatar for cupcakedemotta
    awww! cómo no echarse unos drinks! así no se me puede quitar lo borracha, menos en sábado.. yo que pensaba retirarme hoy : \
  • Avatar for newage08
    amazing song
  • Avatar for KillingHoards
    The song has a cheerful tune but the lyrics make me sad.
  • Avatar for Monade2010
    timeLESS brilliant ✿•.¸✿¸• .♥¸.° ƸӜƷ ° .♥¸. .✿•.¸✿¸•
  • Avatar for paulybeast
    this is pretty damn good
  • Avatar for theoshalos
    i heard this last night..and got naked
  • Avatar for AbbeyRoaddd
    Most amazing Phoenix song!
  • Avatar for discordia23
    I really hope I feel better quite soon. Maybe this helps.
  • Avatar for Anto_4491
    One of my favourite songs ever..
  • Avatar for jcotteri
    pop fantastic
  • Avatar for gilliananne
    Wow! What a lovely song
  • Avatar for jakobdorof
    all time favorite phoenix song. :) [3] impossible to dislike.
  • Avatar for coloronthewalls
    all time favorite phoenix song. :)
  • Avatar for pogopatterson
  • Avatar for cinnamondearie I feel so happy I came across this song today!! Remembering some really good times :D
  • Avatar for virtuellelle
    perfect song before putting a feet into a plane.
  • Avatar for thedolphin1985
    This has to be the coolest song I've heard in a long time.
  • Avatar for imchelseanicole
    love this song, full of funky coolness
  • Avatar for Lukarox
    Sounds exactly like Don't Stop by Brazillian Girls. [2] this has been around longer than Don't Stop... lol
  • Avatar for digitaldisc0
    such a nice chilled song.
  • Avatar for gonzstrokes
    already a classic
  • Avatar for gamersgene
    Sounds exactly like Don't Stop by Brazillian Girls.
  • Avatar for guiguiboulz
    One of the few first good Phoenix songs.
  • Avatar for FelipeTurcios
    their best song [2]
  • Avatar for fancykatya
    Normally I would consider this song not my speed, and too formulaic, but I'm digging on it hard core~
  • Avatar for uncleponto
    Ummm.... no. Derivative and boring.
  • Avatar for xxsherizzlexx
  • Avatar for indieRocker_
    my favorite Phoenix song :3
  • Avatar for Fishkind
    my new ringtone. thank you, phoenix. ;)
  • Avatar for lolo52288
    this has got to be their most captivating song <3 [2]
  • Avatar for humanfolly
    this has got to be their most captivating song <3
  • Avatar for TheOriginalPho
    My name is Phoenix Oh Yeah
  • Avatar for caught_777
    "Now I know there's so much dignity in defeat than in the brightest victory" Sad but true
  • Avatar for danby86
    iI love this song its good for a bad day
  • Avatar for milpuzzz
    Cool song!
  • Avatar for fireflieslove
    this would be the PERFECT karaoke song.
  • Avatar for aafterall
  • Avatar for borrayretrocede
    This song is amazing!
  • Avatar for Rjscheuerle
    This is honestly the best song of ALL TIME. I came to this realization 2 years ago after hearing it just once... true like ice... true like fire...
  • Avatar for Cellschock
    their best song
  • Avatar for thahbianchi
  • Avatar for occer
    They got even better!
  • Avatar for PandahKasumi
    Best Phoenix Song. WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM?!
  • Avatar for greatnecker
    I would like to announce that I will soon be hiring Phoenix to do a soundtrack for my life. I like the idea of listening to non-stop Phoenix for the remainder of my existence...
  • Avatar for greatnecker
    I still kick myself for not discovering Phoenix before the new CD. Why didn't anyone in France tell me about these guys?


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