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  • Love like ours should never die with years...
  • first song I heard which made me fall in love with these fellas [2] I couldn't agree more! :)
  • I love it.
  • <33
  • Its about time someone came out with this. Rock, rap, and r&B is dead. Eat your heart out Morrissey.....
  • OMG! can I love this song again? :D
  • first song I heard which made me fall in love with these fellas
  • love love! <3
  • To quote my neighbor at a music festival "SO DAMN CATCHY"
  • In a live performance on Conan O'brien a couple of years ago they play this song with an awesome solo by Christian.
  • so good anyday
  • phoenix is love.
  • Yeah, I randomly heard the instrumental part of this song on a commercial, and it made my day!
  • And since this song seems to be on a handful of TV ads nowadays, I'm in a wonderful mood much more often :D
  • such a great album
  • :D
  • funny :D
  • consolation prizes, makes me want to get up and tap dance even tho i can't
  • listomania is very good song
  • powerful song
  • <333 love it ! =)
  • naaaaaaaaaaah!! LOVE THIS SONG!!
  • The second the song starts up, I'm in a wonderful mood.
  • Can't wait to see this live @ Coachella!!!
  • Catchiest damn song of my life
  • christ, I love this song.
  • great song to walk around streets of chicago with...i always listen to phoenix going to and from buses and trains- it makes it fun ha ha
  • parfect.
  • after the concert I can't listen to it without remembering how Deck danced to this song with his bass ;)
  • awesome
  • (L)
  • have to smile!
  • Amazing. ²
  • no way to get in a bad mood!
  • Amazing.
  • Very good...=)
  • Phoenix is amazing live! Must see!!
  • cute :)
  • I like Phoenix a lot.. :-)
  • love it!
  • amooooo
  • love this for me it feels like a good song/album to travel
  • Happy fun fun!
  • Good Stuff!
  • What a song! What an album!
  • tiririririri......
  • Lovely song!
  • This has been my ringtone since forever! I love this song and this band. Perfect pop-catchyness meeting a Strokes sound. (And I love their old stuff too)
  • :D:D:D wooOOooow...
  • POP! :)


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