• 6Music

    10 Apr 2007, 09:13 by MattWhitby

    ... and so Phill Jupitus and Phil Wilding have left 6Music to be replaced by Sean Keavney. Phill and Phill actually leave over a week ago, but it's the first weekday i've had off work to listen to their replacement.

    I've been with the station since day one and it's such a bitter disappointment to see it going the way that it is. It used to be so great. You could always guarantee that the radio would ring out with fantastic songs that you'd not heard before but would then become part of your life.

    Sure, there are still great people there like Marc Riley, Tom Robinson and Gideon Coe... but ultimately - and it breaks my heart to think it.

    6Music. 2002-2007.

    No flowers.
  • the Bonzo Dog (Doo-Dah) Band at the Apollo

    18 Nov 2006, 21:05 by stealthmunchkin

    I've not been online much this week, and part of that is because I've been going out more than normal, so I've got a few posts to make tonight. First is a review of The Bonzo Dog Band ( or The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band as they've once again become). Before that, though, a quick apology - we've been running a bit late on sending out Citizen Gomez. Hopefully, the CDBaby page will be up soon, but those of you who've ordered it should still have it within a couple of days (and the rest of you - why haven't you?)

    A few hours before the gig, I bumped into Rodney Slater, "Legs" Larry Smith and Sam Spoons walking around Manchester. I didn't bother them too much, but they seemed delighted to be recognised - something which, after all, can't happen all that often. Holly was completely unimpressed when I mentioned this, but I still think it's impressive...

    The gig itself was wonderful, and a bit odd. The Bonzos were never really a band, as much as a loose coalition of individuals, and this was very noticeable on the reunion gig DVD. …