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  • Avatar for duckpride82
    The sound of cautious hope
  • Avatar for andulas48
    Emotive and uplifting...
  • Avatar for bohemian_chic
    fantastic repetition and slow buildup.... beautiful... thank you for sharing John
  • Avatar for johnTMcNeill
    simply beautiful- cascading through my heart
  • Avatar for Tetrahedrus
  • Avatar for Vixxytoi
    Woah, favouriting this. It's beautiful!
  • Avatar for radio_face
    Oh please feed me more of these glass trax.Ci.
  • Avatar for AudioFormation
  • Avatar for Stilf
  • Avatar for e262
    this was nice.
  • Avatar for sadrawejdani
    Opening ... .
  • Avatar for fravog
    Beautiful Glassworkssong !
  • Avatar for camune
    Nice to litsen
  • Avatar for prominence_la
  • Avatar for atopis
    I'm usually not much of a minimalism fan, but I like this.
  • Avatar for Knautschsack
    einfach absolut wunderbar
  • Avatar for NoLongerQuiet
  • Avatar for AmbientDowntemp
    and about video: there's actually Opening instead :S :D :D
  • Avatar for AmbientDowntemp
    isn't it bit wrong music in here? even in wrong rhythm... Closing doesn't start like that !
  • Avatar for thawebb
    I close my eyes and dream away.. then I meet with my soul in the land of peace..
  • Avatar for esinesen
    love, love, love:) so pure so clean...
  • Avatar for Tom_Pullings
  • Avatar for zapatosgrandes
  • Avatar for bobgreen623
    Cut glass? never!
  • Avatar for FenrisDoom
    Blown away...
  • Avatar for zecadamaso
    This music takes me to any place but here.
  • Avatar for PandaVamp
    Takes you away.
  • Avatar for Drazba
    beautiful-shimmering blowing snow
  • Avatar for cebo77
    i like it...nice!
  • Avatar for zdrastwitchy
    that was beautiful
  • Avatar for francescodeluca
    i saw him in a concert here in rome in 1978.......and i never forget special, so......Glass.Ty for the emotion.
  • Avatar for marlasinger27
    absolute bliss.
  • Avatar for mintonmedia
    Smooth as Glass.
  • Avatar for bobgreen623
    Yep. Wonderful
  • Avatar for paula-valeria
    So moving..
  • Avatar for rudigerkurt
    Glass carries me away!
  • Avatar for mintonmedia
    re the moron with the Nokia: morfified? Dream on. That type doesn't know the meaning of the word.
  • Avatar for wangle-mcdangle
    Someone's phone went off in the "A Nonesuch Retrospective' live recording at 2:28. It annoys me every time, especially since it's the ubiquitous Nokia ringtone. I hope the moron was suitably mortified.
  • Avatar for elodiesdt
    I think I'm flying!!!
  • Avatar for sheikamoux
    This Glass will never break....
  • Avatar for ryansamcarr
    another glass piece of gold
  • Avatar for jeffyskate
    When this sort of thing was original it was fair to label it genius; now, however, most of minimalism falls into predictably cliche traps of imitation and mimicry. As far as glass is concerned, there is a stylistic constant to his music which saps it a bit once the initial (& very intoxicating) allure wears off.
  • Avatar for Giusychevola
  • Avatar for primitivearts
    reminds me of requiem for a dream but really deep..i can dig it
  • Avatar for mikrokozma
    I think people that he is in fact an angel
  • Avatar for agostinellips
    este disco es increíble.
  • Avatar for PandaVamp
  • Avatar for wantzu
    I'm addicted to it !!
  • Avatar for waterland100
    I echo that ' Beautiful ' !
  • Avatar for sarawhitez100


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