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  • Avatar for mvjstrikes
    concert of the sixth sun is beautiful
  • Avatar for TylerSymes
    Where do I start?
  • Avatar for adguepe
    Soft-landing into the rest of the universe
  • Avatar for Joe_Blacky something of mine.give it a try
  • Avatar for superquintendo
    i have this recurring dream where philip glass floats in through the window when i'm in bed and hands me a bag of white powder
  • Avatar for Tetrahedrus
    Probably my favorite composer of all time.
  • Avatar for Lizethblue
    Bogotá ♥
  • Avatar for hoppfrosch0
  • Avatar for melodymann
    love this man
  • Avatar for JimtheRipper
    Listening to him since a few years. Really important music.
  • Avatar for gudmundrodrigo
    Bigger than Jesus.
  • Avatar for mivj
  • Avatar for Wonaldo
  • Avatar for iamholgerczukay
    An evening with Philip Glass: Just an evening?
  • Avatar for peppergod
    More like Philip CLASS! Nothing but tip top beauty.
  • Avatar for sumec211
    After listnening Akhnaten opera I'm just speechless. That's pure Masterwork in every aspect.
  • Avatar for N0where_Girl
  • Avatar for LindsayIII
    Magno. "morning passages"
  • Avatar for Eroslove
    His Violin Concerto is simply breathtaking!
  • Avatar for Empathy82
    ich mag die Melodien
  • Avatar for gudmundrodrigo
    OMG "Sroker" Duet! <3
  • Avatar for gombost
    I completely fell in love with Aguas da Amazonia.
  • Avatar for Darioq
    The soundtrack to Koyaanisqatsi is great. I recently bought it on vinyl at a record fair.
  • Avatar for TwiceAtGloaming
    I love Solo Piano, but that Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters soundtrack is something else entirely.
  • Avatar for wangle-mcdangle
    I've bought 'Solo Piano' as a birthday gift for 3 different people. No complaints.
  • Avatar for pgshiota
    Happy birthday, Mr. Glass!
  • Avatar for beforethepoison
  • Avatar for mocoa
    Can't go a day without some Glass
  • Avatar for DayvanMollusk
    Really? No one watched American Horror Story last wednesday? Epic use of "It was always you, Helen" =)
  • Avatar for Epitymbidia
    The interpretation of "Metamorphosis" and some pieces from "The Hours" for solo harp by Lavinia Meijer is just stunning! Highly recommended!
  • Avatar for cultofsound
    The Mishima soundtrack! More need to hear this incredible shit! And the Violin Concertos!
  • Avatar for johannez1
    The first artist I scrobbled in 2013. Metamorphosis is simply amazing.
  • Avatar for optimistic_tour
    I love "Building" from Einstein. That perfect mixture of the soloing sax over that relentless arpeggio...
  • Avatar for HedorianForever
    Thanks, will check those out. Einstein on the Beach was mind-blowing. I was only going to listen to one or two discs, but I ended up listening to the whole thing in one sitting.
  • Avatar for optimistic_tour
    try Music in 12 Parts, Animals In Love, the other Qatsi scores, Dracula, and most definitely try the Heroes symphony.
  • Avatar for dinkydauisshit
    hedorianforever: einstein on the beach or satyagraha
  • Avatar for HedorianForever
    I've only heard Koyaanisqatsi, what are some of his other most "entry-level" albums?
  • Avatar for Epitymbidia
    Because it's a new release. Those disappear from the "top albums" list after a certain period of time.
  • Avatar for NefariousBanana
    Why the hell is "Classical Music for Twilight" one of the top albums?
  • Avatar for Uendelig_Tomhet
    The Light - просто круть!
  • Avatar for Epitymbidia
    "REWORK_" isn't the first remix album. Just tag it like "Glass Cuts".
  • Avatar for LiteraryBum
    Tags gonna be a hotmess. I used PG as the artist and inserted a parenthetical ( *artist* Remix) in the track title, sacason.
  • Avatar for LiteraryBum
    [re]WERK itGurl.
  • Avatar for nomleben
    Mishima feels like home. (2) <3
  • Avatar for Under_Radar_Mag
    Our review of the new remix album:
  • Avatar for Laa-Brent
  • Avatar for aaronws
    the Beck, Pantha du Prince, Nosaj Thing, and Johann Johansson remixes on Rework are so, so good
  • Avatar for bliksala
    check this out or this
  • Avatar for sl8221958
    The music from Koyaanisqatsi and Powaqqatsi changed my life. Thanks to all involved for those films and that music.
  • Avatar for sacason
    How should we tag Rework?


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