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Phil Hendrie is a radio talkshow host who is a cult phenomenon with a huge, underground (and not so underground) following. He is best known for his Phil Hendrie Show that aired in syndication around the country. The Phil Hendrie Show featured discussion between Phil and some kind of insanely-wild guest, with callers able to call in to speak their minds. Some of his most famous guests include PASTOR RENNICK, a fiery Southern Baptist Preacher who constantly turns every issue… read more

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  • "Two dudes get to go to Sandals Resort together, and yet I can't tell a woman to shut up when she's talking." - Bob Green
  • Chaz Rudolfo. He's in a juvenile detention center. Now, he's been having it really bad. The warden beat him up and a couple of guards beat him up, too. Things are really bad. He's kind of a typical kid. He's in there for no real bad reason or nothin.'
  • "It's a picture of me in a cardigan sweater with a bow tie and I look for all the world like the biggest jackass that ever dropped out of the rear end of an elephant."
  • RC Collins is my favorite
  • Just listened to Phil Hendrie 05-16-2001 Dr. Alvin Cooper - Mental Health On Parade. So funny. Miss the classic Phil Hendrie Show...
  • "Let's say a horrible thing happens. This man breaks into your home, kills all your children, and eats one of them. Now that is a horrible thing. Wouldn't it make you an amazing person to be able to sit down with him over a bowl of party mix?" - Dean Wheeler
  • "Let's get one thing straight. I'm your pilot. Any of you try to hijack this rig and I will gladly, happily, with a smile on my face and a song on my lips, fly it right into a mountain." - Art Griego
  • You know what you look like to me, with your good bag and your cheap shoes? You look like a rube.
  • “Let me tell you something get a passenger out of control, and you swing a coffee pot upside that person’s face...that’s the end of that problem.”

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