• Nightlife EP

    Nov 29 2011, 6h46 por ggnomeproject


    Phantogram (Sarah Barthel, Josh Carter) are another of those cute co-ed duos fusing various strains of electronic music into credible pop so it’s their hip-hop influences that distinguish them from the others. You can hear it from track 1, with its triple kick-snare-snare fill-snare and mellow guitar; what might pass for a TV Girl song, if it weren’t for its fuzzy bass, synth strings, occasional subtle guitar crunch, and female vocals. And the vocals you could almost confuse for Crystal Castles’ Alice Glass if they traded in their longing for Alice’s angst. Even the synth strings seem to echo the longings of “sixteen years of mechanical joy” in 16 Years.

    Track 2 is their this-is-the-one-with-obviously-chopped-samples song of the album, lead single Don’t Move. Of course, its busy, spastic samples and trippy instruments make it hard not to move. “All you do is shake, shake, shake,” sings Sarah. …