• because of Lastfm...

    31 Jan 2008, 04:04 by boopermagic

    As I'm sure many of you fellow music addicts out there have also experienced, lastfm has allowed me to stumble across so many exceptional artists that I would’ve otherwise never known. I’m curious about which bands you all have discovered. I’m sure there are several dozen if not more, so tell me your favorites. Ten bands you want to thank lastfm for graciously bringing them to your ears!! I'll start...

    Alien Sex Fiend
    Petra Jean Phillipson
    Scout Niblett
    The Knife
    Susan Christie
    Betty Davis
  • Artists I like by location.

    27 Jan 2008, 08:54 by hanjabanja


    Kate Earl (Chugiak)
    Melissa Mitchell

    Courtney Robbins (Tucson)

    Kurt Adam (Hollywood)
    Lauren Adams
    Adrianne (Los Angeles)
    Priscilla Ahn (Los Angeles)
    Kawika Alfiche (San Francisco)
    Anticon (San Francisco)
    Augustana (San Diego)
    Joan Baez (Menlo Park)
    Roem Baur (San Francisco)
    Blame Sally
    Jeff Bonilla (Modesto)
    Mataji Booker (Los Angeles)
    Barry Big B Brenner (Tujunga)
    John Bruce (Modesto)
    Emma Burgess (Hollywood)
    Rachael Cantu
    Carolyn (El Cerrito)
    Chicago Red (Los Angeles)
    Correatown (Los Angeles)
    Cosmologic (San Diego)
    Deborah Crooks (San Francisco)
    Deerhoof (Oakland)
    Brett Dennen (Oakdale)
    Rick Di Dia (Oakland)
    Diablo Dimes
    DJ Egadz (San Francisco)
    DJ Slate and Rocket 8 (Modesto)
    DJ Werd (Aptos)
    Aaron Durr (Modesto)
    Eels (Los Angeles)
    Elina (Los Angeles)
    Aireene Espiritu (Oakland)
    Melissa Etheridge (Los Angeles)
    Evaline (Turlock)
    Michelle Featherstone (Los Angeles)
    Sean Fonda (Modesto)
  • heute:pop:morgen playlist 23/05/2007

    24 May 2007, 19:03 by pete_bug

    Yay, here we go again:

    heute:pop:morgen playlist 23/05/2007
    1. Battles 'Atlas' - Warp
    2. Prinzhorn Dance School 'Hamworthy Sports And Leisure Centre' - DFA
    3. Roedelius 'Musik Von Harmonia' - Gronland
    4. Kid Acne 'Eddy Fresh' - Lex
    5. Woebot 'Go Panda!' Mix - http://www.woebot.com/
    6. Petra Jean Phillipson 'I'm Lying'
    7. Willy Mason 'Live It Up' - Virgin
    8. Apparat 'Komponent' (Telefon Tel Aviv remix) - Kranky
    9. Peace Division 'Voodoo'

    As always: www.heutepopmorgen.com

  • This wire around my neck ain't there for fun.

    18 Sep 2006, 03:27 by Passioneer

    I listened to a lot of stuff over the past week... some of it similar to the week before so I'll try just to talk about the important ones.

    1. Rilo Kiley (107 plays)
    I truly thought my obsession with them had died down a bit, but looking at these numbers, it obviously hasn't. I listened mostly to Initial Friend-era stuff along with some Take Offs and Landings and a few random tracks thrown in. I played a lot of songs of theirs on repeat often which explains why a whopping five are in my top ten for the week. Most notably, "Somebody Else's Clothes" which I played 22 times - yikes! And those really only happened in the span of a day or two. In second place is "85" with 17 plays. The first few times I listened to it I didn't care for it much and only rated it three stars. (I'm a bit lenient when it comes to rating - the lowest I'll give is three because really, if it's any lower than that it doesn't even deserve to be in my library. …
  • Current obsessions, tagging, and other odd musings.

    29 Aug 2006, 20:21 by Passioneer

    Instead of doing a week-in-review type thing, I just decided to try and combine everything floating around in my head into one massive journal entry and hope it comes out in some sort of coherent form. Wish me luck...


    I've been obsessing over a lot of different music-related things the last few weeks. And, in no particular order, I shall proceed to gush about them 'til my heart's content.

    Rilo Kiley. They have been a mainstay at number one in my weekly charts for at least a good two months now. It completely amazes me how quickly they went from lingering around the bottom of my top fifty artists to the number three position. I can definitely see them getting to second place very soon, but I'm not sure if they'll knock The Dresden Dolls from the coveted number one spot... I'll just have to wait and see what the future holds. The one song I've been stuck on of theirs recently is "Don't Deconstruct". I think I played it around 28 times last week. It's short and simple but absolutely perfect. …
  • the dread

    11 Aug 2006, 12:27 by Yai

    I've wanted to do a musical review but since I haven't done one in a month+ I've dreaded it because I have a lot of artist to go through, most of which I've can't remember. Lucky the last update added a link that is easily missed at first glance but is a God send for me. The "View / edit more recent tracks..." lurking under my recently played tracks chart. It allows me to look back through my recent music history and give my brain a refresher. So here we go...

    Looks like the last review was around the time I discovered Laura Veirs. I have an obsession for her music that a friend of mine doesn't approve of. :P What caught me at first was her voice but her music stands by itself ranging from pop to folk to country. My favorite album is her self titled album because of its minimal element with just Laura's voice and guitar. I'm in love with Laura Veirs' music.

    Right about the time I found Laura's self titled album I discovered Tina Dico(Tina Dickow). Like Laura Veirs her album Notes has a minimal feel. …
  • mix for Mr. Bujak!

    17 Jul 2006, 05:08 by joystreet

    I tend to have trouble making cds for people with brains. Hopefully, Nicholas won't be displeased.

    and if he is, well... he can whine I guess.

    To Nick:

    My Man's Gone Now - Nina Simone
    It's Not Your Fault - The Boats
    Lying in the Street - Mrs. Pilgrimm
    Salt - Mugison
    Camelia - Buried Beds
    Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor - Eels
    Alameda - Elliott Smith
    One Day - Petra Jean Phillipson
    Haunted by a Freak - Mogwai
    You Are My Sunshine - Johnny Cash
    Baby Bitch - Ween
    Ballad of Paula and Sheila - Mason Jennings
    Lordy - Low with Dirty Three
    A French Galleasse - Rachel's
    Halfway to the Handshake - The Roots Of Orchis
    Satan Was Way Cool - Beck
    Francis Locrius - Bablicon
    The Charles C. Leary - Devendra Banhart
    Fabulous Muscles - Xiu Xiu
    Make it Hot - Mirah
    The Recognition Scene - The Mountain Goats


    It's a pretty mellow cd, ah? Before, it was way different. Honest. Then I went to visit him and it was raining the entire time I was there. …
  • Week in Review: May 28 - June 4

    7 Jun 2006, 02:42 by Passioneer

    I didn't really listen to much - only eleven unique artists - but there were a few new discoveries and some new music from old(er) favorites, so here we go...

    1. Ane Brun - 35 plays
    Her newest album, A Temporary Dive, was released in the US at the beginning of May and since I had some extra money while ordering a few others, I decided to throw it in as well. After I ordered, I listened to the songs I had on my computer and remembered how good a lot of them are. Her music is folky and quite simple, but it still manages to be unique and interesting. Overall favorites from the album are "Balloon Ranger", "My Lover Will Go", "A Temporary Dive", and "This Voice".

    2. Sarah Slean - 33 plays
    I was rating her albums at Rate Your Music (shameless self promotion) and it made me realize I haven't given her a good listen in awhile. I even got back into Night Bugs a lot, though I overdosed on that one awhile back and had grown tired of it. Sarah is just fantastic and her music doesn't get old.
  • Week in Review: Jan. 15-22

    23 Jan 2006, 03:47 by Passioneer

    I'm running out of ideas for this journal at the moment, so I guess I'll just go over what I've been listening to this week according to my Last.fm charts. Here we go!

    1. Veda Hille - 123 plays - I am still mildly obsessed with Veda and I don't see my love for her music waning anytime soon. She has jumped from the bottom to the top of my charts in a very short time and she should keep climbing. I urge everyone again, if you haven't heard her stuff, it comes highly recommended. Every week, different songs of hers are my favorites. This week my two highlights were "Born Lucky" and "Strange, Sad", both beautifully heartbreaking songs.

    2. Sufjan Stevens - 44 plays - I have yet to dive into male vocal territory, but Sufjan is a toe in the water at least. I downloaded the Michigan album awhile ago, listened once, didn't think it was that great, and put him on the backburner. He kept coming up on random on my mp3 player and I discovered I really liked the songs. …
  • This week's new finds, rediscoveries, obsessions.

    9 Jan 2006, 04:15 by Passioneer

    Some things I've been really getting into the last week or two. Some are reflected on this week's chart; some I've been listening to more on my mp3 player.


    Camille - I've only heard three songs by her, but they have made me extremely curious about the rest of her work. Because of my obsession with amazing lyrics, I've never ventured outside of the English-speaking category, but her music is just amazing. As far as foreign lyrics go, I've also been getting into Jorane lately. Camille reminds me of Björk in the way she uses her voice as an instrument and with her eclectic vocal styles. However, I find her much more interesting than Björk. Maybe it's only me, but I've tried so many times to like Björk's music, but every time it hasn't left any major impression on me. Now, before I go off on a Björk tangent...

    Christine Fellows - I've been meaning to listen to some of her stuff for awhile, but it's relatively hard to find on any filesharing programs. …