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  • Top shelf, in and of itself

    30 Oct 2012, 23:13 by Manseeson

    (Peter Gabriel - "Don't Give Up")

    Today, I teared up just reading about this song. It seems the more depressed I get, the harder it hits, the harder it is to take the flood-like vein of compassion running through Kate Bush's lines and performance. In a good way, I guess? It's not the only song on So to have a devastating effect on me, I love the record like no other, but it's the only one I'm defenseless against. I should try and listen to it some day in the future when I'm at my happiest (fingers crossed). Remind me of that, journal, and I'll try and take the closing words of the song to heart in the meantime.
  • Peter Gabriel mit Zopf

    5 Mar 2012, 21:47 by migwag

    Sa., 3. Mär. – Secret World - Peter Gabriel Tribute Show

    Konzerte mit Cover-Bands sind immer so eine Sache. Sie sind nicht das Original!
    Cover-Bands habe ich mir angeschaut, als ich zur Schüler-/Stundentenzeit nur wenig Geld für die Original-Künstler hatte. Jetzt schaue ich sie an, wenn die Original-Künstler nicht mehr auftreten oder sie sich musikalisch verändert haben. Dabei konnte ich in der Vergangenheit mit The Musical Box (Genesis), The Watch (Genesis), Echoes (Pink Floyd) gute und mit Seconds Out (Genesis) und floyd reloaded (Pink Floyd) recht gute Erfahrungen machen. Aus diesem Grund ging ich gespannt zum Konzert von Secret World, der Peter Gabriel Tribute Show.

    Der Name der Band schürte die Erwartungen an eine Show, die ich von Peter Gabriel 1993 in der Dortmunder Westfalen-Halle miterleben konnte.

    03.03.2012 im Hirsch in Nürnberg:
    Auf der beengten Bühne des Hirsch steht eine rote Telefonzelle. Um 19:00 Uhr steigt ein Mann mit Zopf aus der Zelle und stimmt das Publikum…
  • tuesday

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  • Peter Gabriel with the New Blood Orchestra

    17 Sep 2010, 08:12 by stefkeB

    Thu 16 Sep – Peter Gabriel
    Yesterday evening, I saw Peter Gabriel perform with the New Blood symphonic orchestra. It was amazing and it was probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience too.

    Peter welcomed the audience in Dutch and French and even though he needed some paper notes, this gesture means a lot. Respect! Apart from two annoying shouters, the audience really enjoyed it. I assume the average age was well above 35... but some people brought their kids, who were probably born after most of the songs had been written originally.

    First Ane Brum sang two of her songs, and then she joined the rest of the crowd to assist Melanie Gabriel with backing vocals and sometimes lead vocals. One woman and a (small) guitar but a nice opener.

    Then Peter started the first part of the show with the "Scratch My Back" cover songs. While I do prefer some of the original songs for their sound and energy, he did a good job. And we began to see some of the dynamics this orchestra can bring. …
  • Favourite duets

    21 Dec 2009, 19:57 by Michahh

    Two great voices in one song... These are my favourite duets, including both popular classics and some more obscure stuff:

    Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up
    Featuring Kate Bush of course... A beautiful 80s ballad that I love more and more each time I hear it. While I like both singers, I'm no huge fan of either of them... But the way they sing this is just amazing.

    Morrissey - Interlude
    Featuring Siouxsie. Another very calm 80s track... Just read this line from the lyrics, it's the atmosphere of the whole song in a nutshell: "Let's hold fast to the dream that tastes and sparkles like wine..." A shame that the 2 of them didn't get along, their very distinct voices make an excellent combination.

    Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Summer Wine
    These two sounded so great together that they turned several duets into timeless classic hits. I couldn't really decide if Summer Wine's my favourite, or maybe Some Velvet Morning. Both songs have such a wonderful mysterious touch.
  • SOSxx reviews: My favourite albums ever

    25 Jan 2009, 20:38 by sameoldscenexx

    This journal is pretty much me discussing my favourite albums, and my favourite tracks from each. I think I have a pretty eclectic taste - although my plays for certain artists would beg to differ - and so I hope there's a wide variety here. I also wouldn't mind some recommendations, and I'd like to think that someone out there will enjoy these albums as much as I do.

    Fleetwood Mac - Tango in the Night (1987)

    I've already done a track-by-track review of this album, but as it's one of my favourite ever ever albums, I felt I must include it.

    This was the last album Lindsey Buckingham did with Fleetwood Mac until 2003's Say You Will, and he certainly went out with a bang. It's one of the few albums I can listen to wholly, and love absolutely every track. One of the few albums of the eighties to use synthesisers effectively - and I love synths - and so different to anything Fleetwood Mac have done before or since, it's absolutely amazing. …
  • OTR: Blue October - Foiled

    13 Aug 2008, 00:20 by warren33

    To me "You Make Me Smile" sounds more like a closing song than an opener, however Blue October opens their third album, Foiled with the song. Not a bad way to start at all, but my intuition would placed it at the finish of the album, rather than the start. "She's My Ride Home" would have stayed at track two, while I'd have opened with "Into the Ocean," which is the third track.

    Sequence nit-picking aside, Foiled is a very strong album, enough so that I became interested in the band again after passing on History For Sale (even though that album's lead single "Calling You" became a hit, and I've heard it, I'm still hard-pressed to remember the song). After "lackluster" sales of Blue October's major-label début, Consent to Treatment, Universal dropped the band. In response, they signed to independent label Brando and, from what I've read, produced a "fuck you" to Universal in the form of History For Sale in 2003. …
  • I've got $2.50 in quarters, so.....

    19 Apr 2008, 14:28 by rtreynor

    I've got $2.50 in quarters, so it must be time to listen to 10 songs on my desert island jukebox.

    1. Rise - Public Image Ltd. - Far more palatable and radio-friendly than Johnny Lydon's prior work with the Sex Pistols, this song displays musicians that can actually play their instruments, a nice Celtic undercurrent, and Lydon singing almost in pitch. Top it off with Lydon's repetitive mantra "Anger is an energy," it's not hard to see how my PiL cassette was worn through before I ever graduated from High School.

    2. The Crane Wife 3 - The Decemberists
    How do I love thee, Oh Third part of The Crane Wife trilogy of songs? Let me count the ways. A) the structure of verse - how line 1 and line 4 of each stanza are the same. B) It's basically a 1-4-5 chord structure, but the way that the song builds, with different instruments coming in as the song progresses. C) On a similar note, the chorus builds, so that the harmony soon becomes the melody. D) Interesting drumming keeps the song from falling into monotony. …
  • 5 stars playlist

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