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  • Avatar for theironictea
    [2] Not only scratched my back, but also stroked my soul.
  • Avatar for KaramAkerfeldt
    Very melancholic.
  • Avatar for marcelopcr
    My body is a cage <3
  • Avatar for andriyt
    [b]PeterILarsson[/b], agree. each time it becomes more understandable or so. young Gabriel is too alive and confident to create something like Up & SMB - something sad, negative, depressive, painted black. it's a beautiful melancholic штука.
  • Avatar for Anitnemelc
    i am under shock
  • Avatar for Oronduin
    ... a real calm and amazing album and performed live even much better ...
  • Avatar for Koxo4
    Yes perfect relaxing album. Not only scratched my back, but also stroked my soul. Thank You Peter :)
  • Avatar for flakelviv
    I would prefer more energy and less sensitivity. Too tender. But the highest quality from Peter again - anyway.
  • Avatar for theo_equis
    I have many likes and dislikes about this album... (2) too many to mention here.
  • Avatar for H2ONeon
    Im loving this Album, he is just yelling out the words... with the orchestra type in the back, such a good album.
  • Avatar for i8sand
    I had low expectations. I also like eclectic covers chosen. The record's better than what's been said. It contains some terrific arrangements & yes, a few duds. What I like most is acoustic instruments replaced the homogenized synthesizers & manipulated sounds dominating the last several PG albums. Arrangements equal or exceed the atmospheres in anything he's recorded previously & WITHOUT the crutch of technology. Many tracks hearken back to early Peter Gabriel albums & very-early Genesis. "Apres Moi", "Mirrorball" & "Flume" bring the haunt & horror essential to "Family Snapshot", "The Intruder" & "The Rhythm of the Heat". "My Body is a Cage" reminds me of "Where the Sour Turns to Sweet" an early Genesis track. Standouts surprise. "Listening Wind" feels like Kronos Quartet and "Boy in the Bubble" bests the original. Duds try too hard. See Radiohead's "Street Spirit (Fade Out). "I Think It's Going to Rain Today" sounds like all Randy Newman songs (read: boring). **** 4 stars
  • Avatar for YUFFLE
    A fantastic album and brilliant live !! Im just not keen on Gabriels version of Street Spirit
  • Avatar for SweetWeak
    до чего же потрясающая музыка.
  • Avatar for EurochannelUSA
    Eurochannel, the 100% European content television channel available on DISH Network, presents Peter Gabriel in April. Tune in on channel 752 to enjoy Peter Gabriel. In the channel’s new exclusive special, the musician speaks about his career and his latest album, Scratch My Back. Eurochannel will also air visual stunning video clips of Peter Gabriel. Peter Gabriel will premiere April 18th at 8 PM EST and 9 PM PST. More information about Peter Gabriel here:
  • Avatar for TiRaMiSuSi
    Fantastic work!
  • Avatar for RonB
    Anyone else who also ordered the deluxe collector's edition? :D
  • Avatar for OneWorldDestiny
    Great respect for the idea: Covering artists who could be children or grandchildren of him, who came out long after he started to rest... Yes, that's it: Established musicians always tend to cover songs from their influences, forerunners as if they stop being inspired after hitting the business. As for the songs: Only "The Boy in the Bubble" worked for me, and I can even classify it as "better than the original"...
  • Avatar for herzeleid44
    My avatar accurately reflects how I feel about this album.
  • Avatar for shingouz
    @dscomic So is his most commercially succesful album, but for me, it's far from his best. PG4, US and Passion are really the highlights of his carreer (and well, I like Achtung Baby more than Joshua Tree...).
  • Avatar for browner
    Not really a PG fan but I heard this and fell in love. Downloaded it and loved it so much I had to go out and get the special edition double cd as well. In many cases I think the covers are better than the originals and the orchestral arrangements are really touching. Power of the heart and book of love are two songs that really stand out in my opinion.
  • Avatar for RonB
    Nice album and am glad that it came out, though it's time we get I/O now!
  • Avatar for leyline
    covers... no guitars, no boring
  • Avatar for dscomic
    This just doesn't work for me, but then again, 'So' is such a remarkable album that it's one of those things where Gabriel hit his highest mark with that awesome album and nothing else is quite as good (much like I feel about U2 and 'Joshua Tree' - nothing before or since that album compares...)
  • Avatar for misterbruno
    I love PG but if there's anything I hate more than a cover song is an album full of covers.
  • Avatar for PhamilyJules
    Apparently Peter Gabriel and I have similar taste in music. Good song choices Petey.
  • Avatar for vanmartyn
    Even if at first puzzled by this, I undeceived willingly and I took off my hat, chapò mr gabriel !!
  • Avatar for Aleksa_Kaththea
    Great album! very personal and moving...
  • Avatar for j33433
    Refreshing deconstruction.
  • Avatar for shingouz
    This album is both amazing and great (actually, I would say wonderful and moving) for those who enjoy subtle and rich music. :-)
  • Avatar for HighRating
    'Scratch My Back' rated at 69%
  • Avatar for mixplusik
    I would never use words like "amazing" or "great" to describe this album. It's just "nice but boring".
  • Avatar for Echoes917
    I had to go to a few different stores in my town...but I finally found it.
  • Avatar for undecided92
    Each song is good in it's own right (except his ruined version of street spirit) but as an album it's... well... boring.
  • Avatar for J3_R
  • Avatar for warrenzevon
    peter without drums, machines, peter gabriel naked. One voice and a symphonic orchestra. Covers only. Nothing new. We've been waiting for 8 years So I scratch my head. He says that the music industry is dying, maybe already dead. He's asking his fellow musicians to cover his own repertoire. Nonetheless, the record stands like the state of the music universe he's describing. Everyone will find a couple of listenable tracks. I love peter's effort. I'm only wondering why he could not erase HIS own vocal tracks. Addictive but dramatically depressing.
  • Avatar for Schwurbel0815
    Sad to say, I found the album extremely boring. I really wanted to love it as it contains many great musical arrangements, but I probably wasn't open-minded enough at that time.
  • Avatar for fernstock
    A profound connection with Minimalism, as pathbreaking in its own right as Gabriel's earlier "Passion".
  • Avatar for nollresistans
    really one of his most boring albums, a shame really
  • Avatar for Councellor
    "Gänsehaut-Musik" - makes me cry, similar to the final sequences of Bernstein's "West Side Story" or the musical Hair.
  • Avatar for ylanguorous
    beautiful ;)) His voice is enough to make those pieces sound special.
  • Avatar for shingouz
    The cover is a photo of magnified blood cells colliding.
  • Avatar for PartGreyBeard
    an interesting album. What is that on the cover?
  • Avatar for piterxpippin
    Pure genius. Wonderful voice, beautiful arrangement. I'm in love with this album :)
  • Avatar for fkolb
    Gabriel pure
  • Avatar for TerminalMF
    vivid, soulful, eerie, beautiful, chilling, dynamic, deep.
  • Avatar for M0Duss
    only thing I have to say about SMB.... I really have to get used to some of the songs because some sound so different than the original... like the way he sings them or the space between the words.... and my overall opinion... modern time doensn't make the music any better... what do you say?
  • Avatar for Echoes917
    thedeep325 shouldn't have an opinion on this album...TV On the Radio is utter crap.
  • Avatar for Twikki
    the new album is beyond brilliant. each song has blown me away
  • Avatar for bapaule
    Peter is the best =)
  • Avatar for Bookman1974
    Fabulous: dedicated to Fiona/Sea-Storm - we hope that you're still out there somewhere


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