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  • Avatar for ixab_
    @beautifulrobots you say you hate attention whores, but britney spears is your top-artist?
  • Avatar for MaskedMokona
    The amount of media attention Jordan and this dude gets is ridiculous
  • Avatar for jodiemaxine
    Actually cannot wait to see him tomorrow! Too much love for him. I don't particularly like his music but he is a guilty pleasure as he is such a nice guy.
  • Avatar for ginogigiki
  • Avatar for Pamelott
    Peter you married Jorden. That is Insania. I love Peter, he's done well from first being called Chicken Legs. I knew he would always survive
  • Avatar for iamnotapie
    People listen to him, like outside of the universe ITV2 has created for themselves?
  • Avatar for bvnni
    Loving his voice.
  • Avatar for JDonn
    Perfect Night (2011 Remix) <3
  • Avatar for musicianw
    After The Love <3 <3
  • Avatar for jodiemaxine
    he was so amazing live on friday! love him. got one of the nicest personalities ever too <3
  • Avatar for wolfsmagik
    The new album is so amazing, one of his best yet.
  • Avatar for beautifulrobots
    Im not into hating on artists lastfm pages,but BOY i hate this sneaky attention and publicity whore.Atleast Jordan is blatant about it.Peter is just a disgusting hypocrite [2] Katie <3
  • Avatar for david_pel
    defender <3
  • Avatar for warleh
    Prisoner is amazing :}}}}}}}}}}}}
  • Avatar for warleh
  • Avatar for wolfsmagik
    I like the new album
  • Avatar for natalie-babes-x
    just got his new album accelerate through post from hmv cos i preordered it, it's not in stores till monday! it's amazing <3 good job pete :)
  • Avatar for natalie-babes-x
    His new song defender is amazing!
  • Avatar for hitthefloormag
    ATTN Peter Andre Fans! All the info on New Single, Album and New Music Video here -
  • Avatar for natalie-babes-x
    I love peter andre :)
  • Avatar for kiffgib
    Peter Andre at The Midlands Music Festival in Tamworth in July 2010
  • Avatar for Music_Box_
    Katie >>>>>>
  • Avatar for natalie-babes-x
    it's unreal how much i love peter,hes amazing.. hes a fantastic dad also! i've met him twice :) & hopefully more times too come in future! i'm so on team andre&always will be. i'm quite obsessed tbh, such a huge fan! he follows me on twitter :) which im so happy about! (LL) loveyou petee. xxxxxxxxxx
  • Avatar for brownieboy
    It's funny, all the publicity he gets, look on here. Fuck all people listen to his crud.
  • Avatar for natalie-babes-x
    He's Amazing, Team Andre! :))
  • Avatar for Pallovnik
  • Avatar for memsx
    i love behind closed doors.
  • Avatar for DerekRogers
    Catch Peter play this August with other great acts. Check out our Facebook page, invite your friends and come along:!/pages/Pop-Party-in-the-Park/303827784518
  • Avatar for PsylockeSpears
    Im not into hating on artists lastfm pages,but BOY i hate this sneaky attention and publicity whore.Atleast Jordan is blatant about it.Peter is just a disgusting hypocrite
  • Avatar for tsjenbunny
    OMFG PETER COVERED "Lost Without You" IM LOVIng iT
  • Avatar for natalie-babes-x
    he is amazing,cant wait too see him on tour! huge fan x
  • Avatar for beckiibabes
    whooo new album of love songs jsut before valentines day cant wait x
  • Avatar for r3tr0_sh4wtii3
    'gibbsy1994' totally agree :) hes soo hot, revelation is a sikk album i love it :) <3 xoxo.
  • Avatar for gibbsy1994
    he is s good looking and amazing singer :D
  • Avatar for zucchin
    it's godawful tbh
  • Avatar for r3tr0_sh4wtii3
    stop hatin... 'thenarratorx' the only 'twat' here is you, if you dont like him y did you come on his page. and 'zuccchin' unconditional is a tune obviously you dont hav much a taste at all!!
  • Avatar for zucchin
    unconditional has got to be the worst song ever written, it's terrible.
  • Avatar for TheNarratorX
    Major twat.
  • Avatar for r3tr0_sh4wtii3
    TEAM PETER ANDRE!! Ive met him loads of times, got loads of kisses nd hugs from him <3 iLove You Peter xoxo
  • Avatar for thatpaulcb
    TEAM KATIE PRICE!! Peter Andre is a woman and needs to stich up his vergina.
  • Avatar for janinejames
    he is hot
  • Avatar for shaunaghpauly
    love ittttttttttttt (L)
  • Avatar for david_pel
    so underrated
  • Avatar for david_pel
    behind closed doors !!!
  • Avatar for wazim06
    PJ smells ♫
  • Avatar for supersmashsteve
    SabbatMartyr - because he's shit, that's why.
  • Avatar for aqlexx
    download Peter Andre -
  • Avatar for SabbatMartyr
    why so little listeners?
  • Avatar for coleman17
  • Avatar for beckiibabes
    THIS IS INSANIA~ love him so much


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