• Paul Lyman "Tozer / Witchcraft" - New Tracks on Veryverywrongindeed!

    9 May 2011, 13:29 by ChrisDiz

    1. Tozer
    2. Witchcraft

    Unusually, we have been told to "take the rest of the day off" and give the stupid quill and idiot inkpot of VVWI copy directly to our evil leader Tim Sheridan, and we quote:

    "I have to say a few words here. This man is fucking awesome bordering on the supernatural. I've been playing these two for a while now and there is no point writing a load of bollocks to a load of DJs who already love us or hate us. Nobody buys tunes anymore anyway outside of DJs. I run this label exactly for tunes like this and people like Paul Lyman. It's dead simple: In a set of 2 hours maybe one or two tunes get people rushing up to the decks to ask "What the fuck is this!?" Both of these get that. Every time. Now you can have them too.

    "Say what you like about us, we have a track record for helping artists who eventually become very well regarded. …
  • Plastic Fantastic Is Back!! SoogoWonk - Fase Uno EP - New Release!

    27 Sep 2010, 10:42 by ChrisDiz

    1. Magneti
    2. Railway
    3. Step Two

    The Plastic Fantastic team continues to travel the planet to discover musical gems, and for this one we landed in Livorno in Italy, where we encountered Soogowonk.

    More than just a bunch of bedroom musicians, SoogoWonk are a 3-piece live act that has started to build a loyal local following. The band was formed in early 2009 by three musicians who call themselves Dr. Mike, NoiZeBox and Machineboy. They are fascinated by electronic technology applied to music, and use it in every sound note they produce. Their continuous artistic research leads to a creative mix of electronic genres, with influences ranging from the Chemical Brothers to Daft Punk, and from Groove Armada to Nine Inch Nails.

    Three members, one sound, but three distinctly different musical backgrounds: Dr. Mike studied classical piano since childhood, has performed as a guitarist and bass player in various rock bands and has experience as DJ Selector. …
  • Ben & Lex 'Makaton' Remixes from Anarchy Rice, Viro & Rob Analyze and Pulsar. OUT NOW

    28 May 2010, 11:02 by bervine

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    Exclusive to Beatport

    Press Release

    Ape Music is nearing the end of its troublesome teens. To celebrate the fact we are bringing you past, present and future badboy bass bizness.

    As a little teaser for the forthcoming 'From The Vaults' mix album we have dug into the monkey treasure trove and we bring you some special treats from labels bosses themselves, Ben And Lex.

    They have revisited their tune 'Makaton' and gone to town on new remixes across many genres each bringin a lil summat special to the table just for you.

    Their 2010 VIP remix is a MONSTER of a tune crossing the border of breaks, house and dubstep with badboy steppy beats and a bassline to lose your love juices over.

    Also included is the never before released original which they have kept for just their live sets for the last year or so and its a proper straight up breakbeat beast that leans towards funk n bass land of the Plumps and Drumattics... You're welcome :)