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PETA Is At The Door And Im Holding A Gun To The Cats Head was formed in Late 2002. Peta… started as a side project between Travis and Jon James of Everything Falls Together, but nothing really was done til Darren, Formerly of EFT as well, to play guitar. 6 songs were written,some shows were played, then the band recorded “Many Items of Great Wealth and Beauty are Damaged In This Way”. Graham, also of EFT and later Swarm of the Lotus, was brought in to play bass for Live Shows. In Late 2004, Darren quit EFT and PETA. … and while Jon James and Graham went on to focus exclusively on EFT, Travis kept the band alive by doing shows by himself while screaming along to the pre-recorded music played through an ipod, but after a couple months, Travis Called it quits and retired the PETA…band,then later went on to form The Leviathan’s Mandible.

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