• Review: Tennant / Lowe - Battleship Potemkin

    26 Oct 2005, 21:01 by Fidgital

    Better known as Pet Shop Boys, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe have teamed up with Dresdner Sinfoniker, conductor Jonathan Stockhammer and orchestrator Torsten Rasch to produce a new orchestral synthpop soundtrack for the classic 1925 silent propoganda film Battleship Potemkin. Though this is recognizable as Pet Shop Boys, particularly in the handful of vocal numbers, it's understandable why they would release this decidedly non-pop album under a different handle. Having never seen the film myself, I have to evaluate this purely on its musical merits. And on that basis, it's a good album!

    The sound blends the symphony orchestra with ambient, electro and synthpop production. As Neil said, it's "not so much background music as foreground music"; the music is not intended to compete with any dialogue or sound effects, and this opens up possibilities not normally possible within soundtrack work.

    The writing is strong and the musicianship excellent…