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  • Avatar for kiteo
    Is someone cutting between different versions of this song every 10 seconds? What a waste of time.
  • Avatar for crazykaz02
    love you my babe hugs rg xx
  • Avatar for crazykaz02
    best song on album yo boogie on down
  • Avatar for StachelR
    The best song about arrhythmia
  • Avatar for LCDnewOrder
    This kinda reminds me of People Are People by Depeche Mode. Maybe its the chorus...
  • Avatar for johnhunt1973
    The first time I heard the single version of this, was on my 15th Birthday, and Everton also beat Liverpool 1-0 in the Merseyside Derby that day, so it was just about the perfect day, really!
  • Avatar for vanilla_boy1
  • Avatar for dDeano_L93
    For me, it's hard to choose between the album and single versions. Still one of my favourite PSB tracks though.
  • Avatar for teenfromvenus
    LOVE this song! [2] Perfect synths <3
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Good song
  • Avatar for discotequedude
    "Heart" is one of favourite PSB song. I am glad Madonna never got this song because PSB do their own song more justice than she could. I also like it because the lyrics are coming of a male point of view.
  • Avatar for iamjustkidding
    i love a good collaboration, i had wished for years for them to do something w/boy george....then came the crying game!
  • Avatar for robrues
  • Avatar for KrystianM
  • Avatar for mot00rzysta
    Thank god madonna didn't have the opportunity to ruin this song !
  • Avatar for davidjjs
    This song would have been perfect for Madonna but I'm glad PSB did it as it's one of my all-time faves.
  • Avatar for kinotherapy
    my heart starts missing a beat =)
  • Avatar for Dumbangel
    My heart starts missing a beat everytime ah-ah-ah every time... (2) I love this song, so much addictive...
  • Avatar for jakushkov
    My heart starts missing a beat everytime ah-ah-ah every time... Люси, о-о-о-о, Люси...
  • Avatar for Palurda
    LOVE this song!
  • Avatar for bander_az
    Люси... твою мать...
  • Avatar for MoveMenth
    this is sooo good. it's been on replay for weeks now
  • Avatar for drownedinsound2
    early psb, i love it. memories. drunk
  • Avatar for crazykaz02
    this is the best
  • Avatar for kokopeli420
    PSB do not know how to make music that isn't amazing.
  • Avatar for dandymark
    Great stuff!!
  • Avatar for exhalevanilla
    Wow. Just wow.
  • Avatar for Deformografy
    luuuv it!
  • Avatar for elflord
    It might be seen as “commercial”, but definitely this track has something which makes me listen again and again to it -- so it's not less than superb for me :D
  • Avatar for Foundlings
    What the fuck is this commercial shit doing on Kratwerks radio station. Fuck off you wank bastard cunts.
  • Avatar for niklasschmidt
    My second or third favourite song. Suburbia, It's a sin and then this. Still one of the best bands. But, as in some many cases, it is the debut that sticks. West End girls. It does not get better than that.
  • Avatar for oyveychris
    I heart this song.
  • Avatar for annateffka
    klasse Lied
  • Avatar for MoveMenth
    easily one o their best works!
  • Avatar for all_for_you
    one of my favorites <3
  • Avatar for pixiepuke999
    This song definitely rates in my top favorites by PSB. God, they're good!
  • Avatar for collche
  • Avatar for foxmusicbox
    every time
  • Avatar for riktini
    I love The Pet Shop Boys very much - but this song is not really good!
  • Avatar for discotequedude
    I liked this song from the first listen!
  • Avatar for vanmjbol
    So great song- and such an epic, unique, fantastic video :) It always makes so much fun to watch it :)
  • Avatar for PrinzessinJolie
    I love that!!!
  • Avatar for Fasstili
    ACK! Beware the vampires!
  • Avatar for crazykaz02
    it sure does everytime im close 2 u babe ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Avatar for Lady-Macbeth
    my first ever favourite song - and still an all-time fav...*my heart starts missing a beat*
  • Avatar for crazykaz02
    megga bril
  • Avatar for Vicky_Cristina2
    só tenho a dizer que Pet Shop Boys é simplismente Excelente
  • Avatar for alvaricho
    esa cancion es del actually, la q se publico en the completes singles collection es diferente
  • Avatar for B-listening
    Takes me back.
  • Avatar for ilona31857
    Pet Shop Boys mag ich besonders, besonder das Lied Love itc


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