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  1. Black metal band from Germany (Kassel)
    - 2001 - Ewiges Reich
    - 2002 - Jerusolima Est Perdita/Ewiges Reich (split with Jerusolima Est…

  2. Camulos is a black metal band from Germany formed in 2002.

    The band is one of the most successful publications of the record label "Christhunt…

  3. 1.) Magog was a ,lyrically focusing on paganism, war and anti-christian beliefs, black metal band formed 1997 in Pirna, Saxony, Germany. After they…

  4. Hellfucked, lyrically inspired by darkness and satanism, is a black metal band from Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany found in 1995. The band was formerly…

  5. Runenblut is a "German Heathen Black Metal" formation from Bavaria which members are Morgoth (instruments, songwriting, recording) and Fjalar…

  6. In the year 2004, short time after the warriors of GEWEIH had split up, the time had come for a new formation to rise from the mist, called…

  7. Satans Elite Kommando is a black metal band from Germany, forged in 2004.

  8. Black metal band from Germany.
    - 2005 - Inferno
    - 2005 - Von Blutes Stimme gereinigt / Sturm in die Anderswelt (split with Krater)

  9. Black metal band from Germany.
    - 1993 - Die Erben des Bösen
    - 1997 - Vernichtungsfeldzug

  10. They are at least 3 bands with the name Graven:

    1-Black metal band from Germany.
    - 2000 - Of misanthropic Spirit (demo)
    - 2001 -…

  11. There are two Blutraches:

    1. NSBM band from Finland, formed in 1999
    Last known line-up:
    Satanic Tyrant Werwolf aka Nazgul (Satanic Warmaster)…

  12. Die Toten kehren wieder mit dem Wind is a black metal band from Cologne, Germany formed in 1995 by Bradhenr. The bandname is German for ‘The…

  13. Solo-project of Runenblut's Pestilence.

  14. Black metal band from Germany.
    - 2004 - Devoured by Chaos in eternal Torment (split with Yersinia)
    - 2005 - The hate legion
    - 2006…

  15. Wald Geist Winter (translates roughly into "Wood Spirit Winter") is a Black Metal band from Germany (Thuringia). Current members are: Herr Eichman…

  16. Black metal band from Germany.
    - 2002 - The Rise of the Zyklon-B (demo)
    - 2007 - Alpha Germania

  17. (Post-)Black metal band from Germany - one-man project of Markus Stöcker.
    - 2006 - ...und Im Feuer lagen meine Träume
    - 2006 -…

  18. Barad Dûr is the name of the Dark Lord Sauron's tower in Mordor in J.R.R.Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

    There are multiple bands under the name of…

  19. Frostkrieg is a black metal band from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany lyrically focusing on anti-judeo-christianity, darkness and paganism. Formed…


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