• Every 1000th track.

    21 Jun 2009, 11:55 by Werewolf90

  • Bash your top 20 artists

    18 Dec 2007, 02:14 by MachineAnimal

    20. Therapy?

    Often they have teen angst lyrics and some songs are boring as hell!

    19. Apulanta

    Their old songs are stupid, simple and lame punk songs. Their newer stuff is crap mainstream rock. Even their bands name sucks, nuff said.

    18. Farmer Boys

    Horrible band name and what is this? farmer metal???

    17. KMFDM

    They sound same all the time.. More pop than industrial or metal anyways.

    16. Ruoska

    Horrible and lame copy of Rammstein. Not very good musicians.

    15. Shpongle

    The only reason this artist is in my top 20 is that I've been listening to it when I've been sleeping. Otherwise I could not stand them. Boring and slow as hell. Who could listen to this without falling asleep?

    14. Emil Bulls

    They started out as a wannabe Limp Bizkit band and now they are wannabe Muse. I'm ashamed of this band..

    13. Rammstein

    Simple repetitive songs and I hear from Germans the lyrics are terrible too. The only reason this band is popular is because of their image, shock value and fire effects.
  • My anti-xmas CD

    5 Dec 2007, 02:54 by da_apz

    It's christmas time again. The most exciting time of the year! .. well, atleast for those, who actually give a rat's fuck about the religious and commercial stuff they force down our throats. Anyway, I've pretty much been avoiding turning on the FM radio, as there's nothing else on but stupid christmas songs, that were already overplayed way back in my childhood.

    To counter all this crap, I came up with a CD of my own, that has PROPER christmas songs to play at the office. I'm sure you folks might have some fine additions to it, so feel free to give any suggestions you might have.

    And here they are:Perseraiskaus: Pukki kuolee AIDSiin
    I don't like soft starts, so we'll start with harcore \m/ :)Leevi and the Leavings:Oikein surullista joulua
    I think this one says it just what I think. The usual L&L quality mocking of something overly holyized (is that even a word?!)Kaytanhousuja: Joulupukki ja Jeesus
    I think this might actually be the only xmas-song I know, that manages to squeeze the Santa claus…