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People, Places, Maps are a band from the dusty town of Dunfermline, Fife. The 6 of us merged into one being in February 2010' and intend to keep going. We like to boogie, mostly on a saturday night, but sometimes other nights if we're feeling overly frisky. The coolest sea dwelling mammal is perhaps the Narwhal, its basically a Unicorn/Whale, if your still looking at this page and haven't laid eyes on a picture of one we suggest you Google "Narwhal" immediately. Microwaves are harmful to the environment and if you own more than one it must be stoned and driven from your town (though preferably village) like Conor Macloud at the start of Highlander, each home should have only one! A lot of people think pigeons are vermin, but we think they get a bit of a hard time. One of us was born in Saudi Arabia and is perhaps the least Saudi Arabian looking person you'll ever see. If you think Twilight is anything but a stain on Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility we think there is something wrong with you. We like South Park. Our favourite man is a hairy man who lives in an Old Mill, it sounds creepier than it is. Only one member of the band has banter this awful. Sometimes when no one's looking we try and actually write songs. We hope you enjoy our music, please let us know if you do, we have no time for trivial things such as "a life" and one of the six of us is almost always on the internet at any given time…seriously.

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