• Inevitable best of 2007: Albums

    4 Jan 2008, 03:31 by jetjag

    Dntel - Dumb Luck
    Not big on saying "ALBUM OF THE YEAR!" type stuff, but, hey, this is the ALBUM OF THE YEAR! Doesn't seem like many Dntel fans agree, and if someone said to me "listen to some guy who liked Aphex Twin and Autechre and shit doing tracks with sensitive indie darlings" i'd probably smack them one... but nonetheless, I've found myself faithfully following this guy's output under all his different guises and I've ended up enjoying this even more than his last effort as Dntel, Life Is Full of Possibilities. The sounds are astonishing and for the most part I think the songs keep up - I never expected to like a Bright Eyes track, but breakfast in bed is one of my faves here. Likewise while I sold a Mia Doi Todd CD I stupidly bought within a month or so of buying it Rock My Boat is amazing. As a whole the album is really adventurous (consider the different connotations between that and "experimental") and makes me want to trot out hackneyed journo speak about breathing new life into something. …
  • Something I picked up: People Press Play - self-titled (Morr Music, 2007)

    14 Jun 2007, 12:54 by jetjag

    People Press Play - s/t (official morr music upload) (Morr Music, 2007)

    I checked this out initially because it involves all 3 of the members of System / Future 3 (they individually record as Opiate, Dub Tractor, and Acustic). The fourth member is a singer called Sara savery, who I'd never heard before.

    I was pretty surprised at the sounds on first listen, because it's largely a full-blown shoegazer record with nods to stuff like Slowdive, Lush and even a touch of My Bloody Valentine on the guitars from time to time (most notably the opening track, Girl). That said, it still is an electronic record, too, and in the rhythm sections their history in dance-related electronica is way more evident than you might find on, say, an M83 record. Lots of nice little synthy bass lines and even some vaguely grime or dubstep style beats on one of the track.

    I can't think who Savery sounds like, but I love her voice. It's a little like Emiliana Torrini, I guess…