• Autumn Album Charts

    1 Dec 2010, 01:14 by nefolk

  • Омилени...

    8 Jul 2009, 01:31 by Jotsko

  • I'll Burn Before You Bury Me

    6 Jun 2008, 18:25 by Necravolvr

    I recently downloaded "Kitten Pig" by Pentaphobe from to get a sample of the Sawdust album, although I find that Pentaphobe's music is so varied in sound and style that one song isn't enough to judge the whole album. The track itself is fantastic; it has a vaudeville-esque, circus-y kind of feel to it with a mix of piano, xylophone, drums, and an entertaining mix of random sounds like alarm clock bells. I'll definitely look into picking up the album sometime, hopefully sooner than later.

    My order for Tribal Derivations by Beats Antique arrived a couple days ago, and I've been enjoying it greatly; the sounds are eclectic and evocative of gypsy, Egyptian, and general belly dance music, and the collection as a whole is very solid. The album has had only a few spins, but I know it'll get many more in the near future.

    Pendulum's In Silico is still an amazing album and has received a lot of playtime, mostly while I'm out on a walk, hence the lack of listings on my overview page. …
  • Please, Lend Me Your Ears

    6 Jun 2008, 00:05 by MurkyGlow

    This is an invitation to any interested or curious persons (who may like goth, belly dance, electronic, or tribal fusion experiments) to listen to my music.
    I want to attract listeners to help establish a list of artists that may be similar, and also possibly get some feedback/comments and tagging going on.

    I have spent most of my adult life doing visual art, but last year I realized I could no longer keep from working with sound and trying to make music.
    Since then I’ve self-released four albums under the name ashin.

    The first, Storm-Drain, is kind of atmospheric, almost ambient in places, and also full of weird beats, radio static, strange electronic noises, and record sample/scratches. I really don’t know what to compare this to. Parts are funky, jagged, droning. I was interested in both electronic tribal-like rhythms as well as spacey atmospherics, and trying to capture the feeling of a sonic journey and the idea of “Archaic Futurism. …
  • Intertwine

    21 May 2008, 21:10 by Necravolvr

    Yesterday morning I picked up Empire by Kasabian after having heard "Empire", "Shoot the Runner", and "Club Foot". The last of the three is the first track in the Doomsday credits, where it initially caught my attention and led me to the other two. Overall, the band has a very solid, very different style from most general rock bands, and the album makes a nice addition and adds some more variety to my collection. I've listened to it twice so far and I am pleased with it, although I'll give it a few more spins before adding any definitive opinions.

    I'm currently listening to Beats Antique, who I found originally via some random searches on From there I also found Pentaphobe, and I've enjoyed what I've heard of both artists; the music is akin to Amon Tobin but with a belly dance music twist. I'm looking forward to picking up Tribal Derivations by the former and Sawdust by the latter in the near future.

  • How Mainstream am I?

    14 Apr 2008, 03:27 by mechadollie

    Take your top 25 artists, and find out how many listeners they have.
    1. The Birthday Massacre - 54,237
    2. My Ruin - 23,697
    3. Evanescence - 675,885
    4. 宇多田ヒカル - 127,516
    5. soundTeMP - 7,252
    6. AFI - 464,749
    7. Pretty Girls Make Graves - 126,493
    8. Nine Inch Nails - 660,358
    9. Thursday - 237,814
    10. Flyleaf - 123,225
    11. Kittie - 98,795
    12. Pentaphobe - 846
    13. 이정현 - 4,143
    14. mechanical doll - 1
    15. Brand New - 350,521
    16. Finch - 221,094
    17. Malice Mizer - 59,418
    18. Jack Off Jill - 68,770
    19. Lacuna Coil - 251,360
    20. Stabbing Westward - 85,982
    21. BT - 158,023
    22. Schwarz Stein - 21,571
    23. Thrice - 251,780
    24. Blake Reary - 2,142
    25. Coheed and Cambria - 311,534
    Total listeners - 4,387,206
    Divide by 25 - 175488.24
    Divide by the number of Radiohead listeners (1,293,293) - 0.13569101510639893666787031245047
    Multiply by 100 - 13.569101510639893666787031245047

    I'm 13.569101510639893666787031245047% mainstream (lol)