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  • Avatar for OGTL
    Even if this was a purely instrumental track I would love it almost as much. Pure punk
  • Avatar for MegaDave89
  • Avatar for Alejandrina____
  • Avatar for psycholyone
  • Avatar for PankerZr
  • Avatar for xXxGh0sTg1rLxXx
    yup from my childhood me and my brother singing 2 this song lol
  • Avatar for fuckyouty1
    love this song, fuck yeah [2]
  • Avatar for guzhomie7
    love this song, fuck yeah
  • Avatar for Absurd_Dance
    most people don't get it <3
  • Avatar for ryand797
    Braaap! Pop wheelies!
  • Avatar for blindmanstumble
    pennywise are cool, but a lot of times, when I type bad religion radio, I get a lot of pop punk crap.
  • Avatar for tloring80
    Brutal pits...pennywise....also adorable.
  • Avatar for wmcfaul
    fuck no we wont listen
  • Avatar for concertjunke
    I fuckin love pennywise...!!!!!
  • Avatar for bluezap7
  • Avatar for POOlgie
    Maybe it's just a Florida thing, but has anyone noticed that Pennywise has the most brutal pits? What's up with that?
  • Avatar for tloring80
    what a cute song from one of the least threatening punk bands to ever exist. Adorable.
  • Avatar for mcrawford42
    Amazing even if the breadcrumbs fall far from the tree
  • Avatar for kmac503
    The first measure of every verse always reminds me of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme. Its definitely the same melody lol
  • Avatar for Bacushi
  • Avatar for sonic429
    my theme
  • Avatar for Ezekiel22
    Till i die i will sing this song.
  • Avatar for SinBinPoker5Q
    great band
  • Avatar for Gunnutpwns
    seriously fuck the government fuck authority
  • Avatar for amishjunkie
    fucking classic. love pennywise.
  • Avatar for rkf0901
    it's like an anthem..
  • Avatar for Anarchopunk1995
    Love this song. It really speaks out.
  • Avatar for omfgcaitlin
    fuck no we won't listen!
  • Avatar for thejdogg
    yea listen to pennywise.
  • Avatar for rosemaryg90670
    Great Band Penny fans add me as your friend. :)
  • Avatar for samsdeth
    jump shit tap dance
  • Avatar for ladysubrosa
    classic. i love
  • Avatar for fuckyouty1
    nice bass line!
  • Avatar for ozandogan
    this style so good
  • Avatar for whitewolf8
    Best track by PW
  • Avatar for JustinSane1919
    Ahh! thats the stuff
  • Avatar for pennywisetr
    System Fucked UP
  • Avatar for nopuppet
    fuck the system
  • Avatar for lovechild43
    This one and Perfect People r 2 of my all time favs from PW!!!
  • Avatar for CTORR0314
    one of my all time faves from pennywise, classic
  • Avatar for grilla85
    sick off your lies......... frustration, domination, fell the range of a new generation......!!!
  • Avatar for clokc
    its so brotastic ! its catchy but so brotastic.
  • Avatar for PixelGuerilla
    sick of your lies!
  • Avatar for OGTL
    memories.. my best friend bought this album when it came out and we would put it in the boom box and go skating
  • Avatar for desertkraut
    They used to be really good - what happenend!!
  • Avatar for triggerorange
    burly tune pennywise one of the best bands out there.....................................
  • Avatar for clokc
    they are way to brotastic but i like some of it
  • Avatar for RadekMatuska
    yeah! that's it !
  • Avatar for rpiereck
    One of their best!
  • Avatar for jp-bam
    this song made me to a pennywise-fan :)


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