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  • Avatar for skatenotwar
  • Avatar for VaticanAss
  • Avatar for Bongair
    It's funny how their most popular stuff is their worst stuff
  • Avatar for Fariz_ANP
    pendulum anthem
  • Avatar for DnBWolf
    That head imploded...
  • Avatar for rhintintin
    Pendulum could start making dnb covers of christine agulera songs and I would forgive it all for this one track. I remember getting this during the week and then going out at the weekend and it getting blasted. Sod what came after it, sod all the imitations the drop in this track makes your head explode.
  • Avatar for ToxaNN
  • Avatar for vandaltheslayer
    Makes me feel like I'm playing a really nostalgic racing game game, fantastic song.
  • Avatar for oskarewicz
    one of their best tunes
  • Avatar for fleadilla
    ahh, the tune that ruined dnb forever. great tune, but everyone who made dnb tried to copy this format for years and it all went stale. still like the tune tho.
  • Avatar for im1rob
    By far, their best tune
  • Avatar for Naza_cai
    it's their anthem
  • Avatar for kamil3ds
    ryje psyche
  • Avatar for marduk91
    Watch your switch, watch your switch! Drop that phat bass!
  • Avatar for CharlieOwnsYou
    such a sweet groove in this song
  • Avatar for los_jirinos
  • Avatar for Sepaztian
    pendulum doesnt get any better than this
  • Avatar for earfolds
    I love this track.
  • Avatar for kohzumi
  • Avatar for VergilXiang
    give me more power
  • Avatar for shikoo
  • Avatar for veenatron
    its the dirty crunch. so raw.
  • Avatar for Ped_Row_F
    Is it just me or are Drum and Bass beats hypnotic??
  • Avatar for wujczas
    mega fuckin lol - pendulum! its not a post rock....
  • Avatar for betoonking
    their best and one of my all time favourite drum and bass tunes.
  • Avatar for locust01
    yeh ur right killertron back when pendulum were good!!!
  • Avatar for Carrutherbrotha
    fuckin lost this vinyl a few years agooooooo :(
  • Avatar for Backslash0
    What the guy said below.
  • Avatar for Krupt0
    What the guy said below.
  • Avatar for Killertron
    back when pendulum kicked ass
  • Avatar for SV-Shivers
    dun da dun dun da dun dun da dun dun da dun!
  • Avatar for Bongair
    Then they go and fuck it up -.-
  • Avatar for XuB4nU
    niceeee ;)
  • Avatar for drifttuning
    i love the music
  • Avatar for superdazza
    How good is this?! What a track
  • Avatar for enderby12
    Wot a fuckin' choon indeed!
  • Avatar for Super_StOnEy
  • Avatar for Ybot88
    this is the first song they did together. wot a fuckin tune!
  • Avatar for LilTheater
    this tune just never stops rolling... top-quality neurofunk
  • Avatar for castro1987
    Yes I totally agree also this is what it should all be about..
  • Avatar for Jsu5
    Totally agree. This is easily Pendulum's best song for me.
  • Avatar for JamesReynolds
    This is exactly what Drum and bass should be about.

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