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  • Avatar for Jiilik
    Killer track.
  • Avatar for shmancelot
    Just effin wow!
  • Avatar for Gaija2507
    Отличный трэк. Я скучаю по Pendulum...
  • Avatar for d2freak
    Will always be the best Pendulum song for me. And what a closer O_O
  • Avatar for Natanaelbp
  • Avatar for fover130
    from 1:50 powerful riffs!!!!!!
  • Avatar for sin1stercut
    Epic. I love the combination of "usual" rock and typical Pendulum dnb instrumental. The ending just finishes it so damn well. This is my favourite Pendulum track for sure.
  • Avatar for whoseline
    5:22-> absolutely great! [3]
  • Avatar for Nikolsvlad
    favorite song
  • Avatar for Cure1980
    Mainstream rock with elekto rock pop influence--
  • Avatar for Xexyzl
    Love the guitar solo in the live version.
  • Avatar for ACrackedSmile
    One of the best album closers I've heard
  • Avatar for jamesusillxd
    Prog-Drum & Bass
  • Avatar for Konguboss
    Best. Song. Ever.
  • Avatar for Jemma117
  • Avatar for AudioFormation
    so much progression
  • Avatar for Lindellvalensi
    One of the best songs ever made, hands down. 5:22 forward is just magnificent
  • Avatar for jojonb
    LOVE IT!!!!
  • Avatar for lemonbreeze
    the ending is just SO epic. :D
  • Avatar for m0r0k1
    5:22-> absolutely great! [2]
  • Avatar for Tuberkulloosi
    5:22-> absolutely great!
  • Avatar for festerday
    love it!
  • Avatar for PokeAhontas
    They never fail me!
  • Avatar for BaroqueWolf
    This track really grew on me.
  • Avatar for RosesOfTomorrow
    Only Pendulum song that I like. :P
  • Avatar for ssafikmetal
    5:15 - 7:01 WOW [2]
  • Avatar for atriumofthemind
    Just simply jamin'! So driving, yet chill, yet head-bobbing catchy... perfect!
  • Avatar for TheCreatedVoid1
    I know that, I can help you, I JUST DON'T FUCKING WANT TO.
  • Avatar for LucretiaXS
    epic track ❤❤❤❤❤
  • Avatar for sliceouttaluck
    This song has shot into my top 100 of all time. I LOVE THIS. <3
  • Avatar for pdincubus
    Absolutely love this tune. One of my favourite Pendulum tracks
  • Avatar for rockchick71
    My fave Pendulum track, the outro is awsome!
  • Avatar for daGrevis
    This song must be in TOP 10, at least!
  • Avatar for Ninjacx
    first heard this track on need for speed undercover it was beast thats how i got into pendulum
  • Avatar for johndoevodka
    5:15 - 7:01 WOW
  • Avatar for DnBWolf
    @ 1:52 My face just kind of slid off, then walked away.
  • Avatar for Theslowpenguin
    deffo one of my favourite pendulum songs! <3
  • Avatar for Fluxmasta
  • Avatar for maximmeri
    5:15 - 7:01 WOW
  • Avatar for Ziomex442
    so much like Encoder, BETTER!
  • Avatar for rob493_home
    Hubba hubba chhhooonnnn
  • Avatar for Erin2311
    Total Win- Love Pendulum
  • Avatar for Zzaak
    Now I know what a seven minute orgasm feels like!
  • Avatar for Swinefox
    HOT ;D
  • Avatar for j00vi
    One of the best songs ever made :))) Can't be described with words :D
  • Avatar for DrummerBasser
    Why the fuck i can't see "electronic fuckinepic rock" in Tag !?!?!??!?
  • Avatar for Radzinkx
    TEMPEST ! FunFuckinTastic! @ zaxanq EPIC avatar!!! <3
  • Avatar for metalmisstress1
    Pendulum has a depth to it that sucks you into the drum & bass world quickly. Very well put together & produced.
  • Avatar for xerch
    ♫I know that I can help you, I just don't fucking want to.. ♫
  • Avatar for zaxanq
    clearly the best one from Pendulum [2]


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