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  • Avatar for dAziks
    My pleasure towards brostep started right here.
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  • Avatar for mistermojo
    When I met some white boi 'cross tha river ya, quasimada, rain can fist it and bright, he must be out of order, out of order tras
  • Avatar for seth009eg
    words can't describe just how good this is
  • Avatar for FANONOPL
    Pendulum > the electronic music curve
  • Avatar for leisuresuite
    Dead @ "drum and bro" tag
  • Avatar for Konguboss
  • Avatar for Mechayoshi
  • Avatar for Khartas
    Best song on the album.
  • Avatar for ACrackedSmile
    Shit this Hits Hard! Epic
  • Avatar for vandoe
    and why should it be classified in the first place
  • Avatar for vandoe
    dubby dub
  • Avatar for ronenja
    Does anyone else think the hook in the chorus sounds like Ace of Base?
  • Avatar for Gorgo_Mutt
    Mosh pit with knifes time!!!!
  • Avatar for ojigbe
    Love this song
  • Avatar for DexterP17
    This song ROCKS!
  • Avatar for samuelbug
    "I lived in a world where people did not call everything with lower frequent beat dubstep. It was a good clean world, an I want it back :E" +100. Also- a great track, one of my favorites off Immersion.
  • Avatar for miseryasylum
    I love this!
  • Avatar for Sir-Roland
    [artist]Knife Party[/artist] anyone?
  • Avatar for fenix9206
    drum and bro... LOL
  • Avatar for ageofborno
    Great stuff
  • Avatar for TNVWBOY
    I hear some Nero - Doomsday in there
  • Avatar for beflamesmygirl_
    Increíble <3 La amo c:
  • Avatar for amaann
    DNB doesn't sound like random wub wubs.
  • Avatar for Neon_Spadezzz
    It's DNB, and it's pretty close to dubstep, but it's still technically different. There really is not that big of a difference. Two completely different electronic genres would be like synthpop and trance, but the two former genres are pretty similar.
  • Avatar for martineyles
    The synth lead and arpeggiated synth chords, along with the bass remind me of the chip tunes of my old Atari ST. Nostalgia, but with everything else, this TUNE is better than nostalgia :-)
  • Avatar for 6thsurvivor
    @ybunkumono - I lived in a world where people did not call everything with lower frequent beat dubstep. It was a good clean world, an I want it back :E
  • Avatar for ybunkumono
    @6thsurvivor, I live in a world where people can disagree about how music is categorized/tagged without calling eachother assholes. You should visit some time. Just for the novelty.
  • Avatar for 6thsurvivor
    Hey assholes, it's not dubstep. Nor 90% of music you are tagging dubstep. Please, GTFO.
  • Avatar for kangaroo021
    so awesome
  • Avatar for GraySage
    <3 this so much
  • Avatar for MONKEYFACEDOG
    reffering to the title.Tibetan Freedom.Let It Ring.In Honor of all who have died in the process of Chinese Occupation.
  • Avatar for ACrackedSmile
  • Avatar for Epsilon_X2008
    such a sick song
  • Avatar for benthehutt
    What's the point in ever _not_ listening to this song?
  • Avatar for edubbwitthevdub
    <3 pendulum
  • Avatar for Margo53
  • Avatar for Relpan
    pitch correction.
  • Avatar for fayatee
    @aniania Try "Knife Party". It's Rob & Gareths Dubstep/Electro house duo
  • Avatar for Naza_cai
    @FJChaos is Rob with pitch correction.
  • Avatar for FJChaos
    Who's the female vocalist on this song?
  • Avatar for aniaia
    pendulum should make more dubstep songs
  • Avatar for kaiyakaiyo
  • Avatar for Dibril
    Dj Set PENDULUM @ MACUMBA // PENDULUM + OHCAN + MOA + RUBÉN G @ MACUMBA // Lunes 5 de Diciembre 2011 // Entradas anticipadas: 15 euros con 2 consumiciones // Preguntar por Berta: 699239457 /
  • Avatar for StervendeWens
    this is epic.
  • Avatar for tOukooo
    Vocals are sampled from "We Do The Killing" by Cocoa Tea
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  • Avatar for aniaia
    i need a better sub now [2]


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