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The band name means Peking Duck, they existed for two years only (1979-1981) but they've left a significant mark on Serbian (then Yugoslav) music as their sound was authentic and more ‘western’ in comparison to the other Yugoslav punk bands. They also introduced music in Novi Sad, Serbia making a strong influence for the bands to come.
This is their discography:

“Bela Sljiva” / “Biti ruzan pametan i mlad” (Jugoton 1979.)
“Bolje da nosim kratku kosu” / “Ori Ori” (Jugoton 1980.)
“Bila je tako lijepa” / “Buba Rumba” (Jugoton 1981.)

“Plitka Poezija” (Jugoton 1980.)
“Strah od monotonije” (Jugoton 1981.)

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