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  • Avatar for benx92
    Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter
  • Avatar for princegarth
    ....and what a movie...
  • Avatar for princegarth
    I just adore this song....
  • Avatar for silversurfer250
    Antonio Banderas IS Johnny Guitar...Just watch El Mariachi.
  • Avatar for SailorJerry_Gal
    I love this song,, Dave Vanian and the Phantom Chords covered this.
  • Avatar for JulianRojasC
  • Avatar for Twang6
    Loved this in New Vegas. I heard it in an old movie the other night, and was all like :O
  • Avatar for koisameru
    "You are listening Mr. New Vegas, and i'm here to tell you... I love you all..."
  • Avatar for jetgar
    BEAUTIFUL SONG.....;-)
  • Avatar for ievae
    aaah i love this *-*
  • Avatar for diegoyun
    Thanks to the game I discovered this wonderful song. Wow.
  • Avatar for UntidyDubs
    My Grandma always played this when I was a kid, and I loved it but never knew who sang it. Hearing it on New Vegas pretty much made my year, finally knowing who sang it! Beautiful song.
  • Avatar for conockrad
    "Welcome to New Vegas!"
  • Avatar for McKillaboy
    Scrobbled it in New Vegas a gazillion times :P
  • Avatar for Zhreddek
    New Vegas <3.
  • Avatar for msi276
    Mojave, mo' problems
  • Avatar for Rapid9
    this song moves you to another time
  • Avatar for katakis1
    all of my hate
  • Avatar for Futin
    brilliant, haunting and beautiful!
  • Avatar for uzdu
    B E A U tiful.
  • Avatar for LNB613
    This is such a lovely song :')
  • Avatar for m4_1337
    nice peg!
  • Avatar for LondonLouis
    I seem to remember that the film this presumably comes from was a slightly over-the-top western with Joan Crawford. It's sufficiently distinctive that it's worth catching if it turns up on late night TV.
  • Avatar for filterdot
    And never a woman Like you, Angel
  • Avatar for gypsy033
    This is soooooo .... Beautiful, There will nvever be a man like my Johnny.
  • Avatar for UKsocketman
    Yes a beautiful track
  • Avatar for mistral84
    there was never a man like my darling<3
  • Avatar for elsa47oort
    Un tema tan romantico y bien interpretado , estoy deacuerdo es unhermoso tema
  • Avatar for brother_james
    Play it again.
  • Avatar for brother_james
    Like the one they call Johnny Guitar.
  • Avatar for brother_james
    There was never a man like my Johnny.
  • Avatar for brother_james
    One of the most beautiful songs I've heard..

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