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  • Avatar for PowersauceBar
  • Avatar for elf-culture
    love love love this. the version I have on a bootleg is my fav but the Last Dogs one is a fucking with that clear guitar sound.
  • Avatar for donkukis
    And what's the truth? And the truth that lies at home.
  • Avatar for Samoroth
    Glad it's on my copy!
  • Avatar for kidofthe90s
    no, it should has been just the next song on Ten. every song on it is awesome and definitely not worth changing
  • Avatar for GregCano
    Glad it's on my copy of Ten. One of my favourite song from the sessions. Should have been on the album instead of Oceans.
  • Avatar for theytsejamer
    The Seattle Connection version has an A-Cappella Eddie! Amazing!
  • Avatar for semich
    "oh pleeeeeeeeeease let it rain today. this city, so filthy, like my mind in ways." god i love that
  • Avatar for princess0purple
    It's not on my copy of ten either and i live in U.K. which is a shame must be different versions cut
  • Avatar for pikezp1979
    This song is only on the European version of the Album not the US if you live in the US and bought it in the US chances are that this song, Dirty Frank and Alive (live) will not be on your US Version, also on the US version Master/Slave is called Release. I hope this helps!
  • Avatar for ScottRose
    Needs to be played live on this tour soon:)
  • Avatar for amills82
    what she dont know todaaayy, might kill us both tomorrow
  • Avatar for bepos
    nice track from a classic album!
  • Avatar for btwiP
  • Avatar for iza__bela
    This is the best song Pearl Jam ever.
  • Avatar for usampson
  • Avatar for SICKBOY9
    i never have listened this song, fan since 11 years ago...goshhhhh
  • Avatar for Steph3nDedaluS
    it was on the european version. All time favourite Pearl Jam song.
  • Avatar for ManfuChu
    best song about adultery EVER!
  • Avatar for KiiTyii
    i own the album s the european original version which contains 3 extra tracks (alive live, wash&dirty frank).gr8 adittion 2the album, u r right
  • Avatar for bryantee
    I think some international copies of Ten had Wash. It was an out-take.
  • Avatar for polexiaomg
    this isn't on my ten its on my lost dogs sheesh eather i have retarded versians of pearl jam cds or last fm is screwing up again.
  • Avatar for christofski
    Great addition to the album....if only they had left it at that and then dirty frank may have not happened....a scar on a truly perfect album!
  • Avatar for LaughingMan1980
    Love It, always!!!
  • Avatar for meVSyouVSthem
    It's on the European import of the Ten album along with Dirty Frank and a live version of Alive, which came out in '92. No need to be a dick.
  • Avatar for Spoonman117
    I'm going to sound like a dick here, you've been warned: this song is a b-side from the Ten recording sessions, it is not actually on the album. You can find this song on the b-sides and rarities compilation Lost Dogs. Thank you and good night.
  • Avatar for markusrutz
    the more the merrier
  • Avatar for Myuky
  • Avatar for KiiTyii
    luv this.luve ten.luv eddie.luv his deep sexy voice.luv pearl jam!!!!!! fckn great song!! +++++ !!
  • Avatar for arielJasmine
    This is one of my sacred first CDs I bought when I was 13, more than 15 years ago. I still have my original copy, cracked case, dog-eared lyric sheets and all. One of the best albums to define the grunge era.
  • Avatar for willian_ifanger
    Top 10 albuns of all time.
  • Avatar for austisrocker
    Oh man...
  • Avatar for greentree82
    makes me shiver
  • Avatar for adam-454
    This is... uhh... awesome?
  • Avatar for Hobobluez
    @ jefflion ... probably because it set the bar too high, thus devaluating the whole Grunge Hype Thing in comparison ;) Truely immortal stuff ... sends your pulse racing and makes you feel so Alive
  • Avatar for icypiece
    I love the feeling it gives.
  • Avatar for jefflion
    I have to repeat somebody else's words: How did THIS get cut for the album??!!?!?!? One of the best PJ songs, in fact, one of the best songs ever
  • Avatar for Blessedheart
    Love this. Great song.
  • Avatar for footsteps
    Ten,don't ask me why though..but I prefer the beginning on Lost Dogs
  • Avatar for chri7x
    Hmm.. Which version do you prefer the one on Ten or the one on Lost Dogs? Discuss...
  • Avatar for helen_cross
    This song makes me think of NY.
  • Avatar for klochu
    It's good.
  • Avatar for bryantee
    Funny you say that. I was listening to this yesterday and Taxi Driver also came to my mind.
  • Avatar for Luis1991
    It just rocks so much...
  • Avatar for footsteps
    one of the most beautiful songs ever..and the good.
  • Avatar for Shaunography
  • Avatar for erikdardan
    How did this get cut for the album??
  • Avatar for personaX
    My favorite PJ song... Love it
  • Avatar for Buttsnake
    this city's so filthy, like my mind in ways Amazing lyric.
  • Avatar for FiveAgainstOne
    Kinda reminds me of Taxi Driver...

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