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  • Avatar for EduRibeiro13
    Top 5 das minhas favoritas do PJ.
  • Avatar for Dark99
    I walked the line...
  • Avatar for elf-culture
    hell yea I got top listener
  • Avatar for aldanamartin
    de mis preferidas de PJ
  • Avatar for Die_Song-Diebin
    Oh wow! I just came back to this page to say the same thing again (if I hadn't said it already)... I didn't realise that!! Thanks bengt_bangt :D
  • Avatar for bengt_bangt
    @Die_Song-Diebin no it's actually correct as it is... the title refers to the [url=,_ego,_and_super-ego]Freudian concept of 'Id'[/url], not something for Identification... and in fact you could argue that it even should be [track artist=Pearl Jam]I Got Shit[/track]
  • Avatar for Die_Song-Diebin
    It's I Got ID... not I Got Id :P
  • Avatar for djnonplus
    my favorite pearl jam song as well
  • Avatar for TheMantle812
    lucky enough to have heard it twice live, one of the best.
  • Avatar for adam-454
    Always my favourite.
  • Avatar for restlessoul
    part of my life...
  • Avatar for archfiend997
    my fav peral jam song. this song is like the lost Pearl Jam song, you don't hear it any much anymore, but the Merkinball release was in heavy rotation when it came out (this single), and it will forever be nostalgic to me
  • Avatar for florence_post
    Fin' love this song.
  • Avatar for footsteps
    I'll die if I ever get to hear this song live.
  • Avatar for ApfelGeld : Note that the song's name is I Got Id (as in the Freudian concept) and not I Got ID (as in a form of identification), a frequent mistake in labeling the album's songs.
  • Avatar for m_notley
    The Rearviewmirror booklet clearly lists it as ID not Id. Though I pronounce it as id.
  • Avatar for DonaldAdkins
    The song is called I Got Shit, by the band. Non-marketable, and it's spelled I Got Id, not ID. It's not identification people.
  • Avatar for adam-454
    Can relate to this one in a weird way. Great. One of my faves.
  • Avatar for symeo
    The original intent was to call it I Got Shit for the Merkinball single, but the record company killed that idea (kind of hard to sell a song on radio with a profanity in the title), so they went with I Got ID instead. And it's pronounced id, like the Freudian concept. All that being said, this song is beautifully depressing, and easily ranks among Pearl Jam's best. I love it.
  • Avatar for Rageaholic_A
    Is the ID Supposed to be capitilized. I thought it was I got Id. It's pronounced I got Id... like how it sounds, not I got I. D. Or at least I think it is, I don't know! Great track anyhow.
  • Avatar for Vertigo1981
    Whatever the title, it's a great song!
  • Avatar for erlendsr
    So what is it? I god ID or I got shit?

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