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  • Avatar for nicosollazzo
    Even though I never could get into this album and being the only album in the PJ discography which I dismissed. Last week I heard it and it was quite enjoyable, the album didn't changed so I guess it was just me.
  • Avatar for Zealant
    I remember when this came out and no one would shut up about how it was their best since Ten. Could not disagree more.
  • Avatar for TheFooLiSTeNeR
    Solid album.
  • Avatar for Sculpy
    Thankfully it doesn't take minutes to get a photo.
  • Avatar for SexxAtraxxion
    Their best record since Vitalogy.
  • Avatar for arvvaz89
    Even though i love all their records this one just has an energy that i can't find anywhere else in their discography. It's unique. Also i think this is their most consistent record.
  • Avatar for gd_girl3
    Yo sí soy fan del aguacate.
  • Avatar for Wonaldo
    Play a game about albums of Pearl Jam !
  • Avatar for WiseJake237
    This one and Riot Act - the two PJ albums that I completely dismissed the first couple times but now realize are fucking incredible.
  • Avatar for donkukis
    horrible portada pero muy buen album.
  • Avatar for marcoslhc
  • Avatar for PHANATICZ
    The Avocado record, I love it.
  • Avatar for super-chicken
    Sure, Ten is still a classic, but this one remains my favourite by them. But somehow, each and every PJ album is my favourite by the time I'm listening to it.
  • Avatar for BradyFresh
    A while back, a few friends and I tried to decide the best three song progression of any PJ album. This wasn't out yet, but the answer is Army Reserve-Come Back-Inside Job.
  • Avatar for Pink_Crowley
    Everything about this album is just... perfect. *Drools*
  • Avatar for Narrator7
  • Avatar for DookieMestrebug
    My second fav. Every song is amazing, the hard rockers, the soft ones...aweasome record.
  • Avatar for AmenCorner
  • Avatar for Silmelril
    I kinda like it. It's unique.
  • Avatar for Dylbear
    I'd say this is their second best album,. it's just amazing.
  • Avatar for retxeD
    Come Back and Insiade Job are amazing!
  • Avatar for musicgodlything
    Not bad at all.
  • Avatar for Peter_the_rat
    one of their best albums! i never tire of it!
  • Avatar for adamdude
    Army Reserve is the only song on here worth a damn.
  • Avatar for bleedingicon
    Most bands lose their creative steam after 10 years if they're lucky. Pearl Jam is maybe the only band ever to put out their best album 16 years after they first formed.
  • Avatar for LastFlowers
    crazy ass tracklisting going on in here.
  • Avatar for Freewolle
    Suuuuuuuuper mega geil !!! Top 50!!!
  • Avatar for GritJoel
    Easy to damage? Do you use your cd cases as coasters? The cardboard sleeves are such a nicer way to package cds. Vitalogy wouldn't be the same without the packaging.
  • Avatar for Dylbear
    Isn't every Pearl Jam album cardboard, fold-out packaging?
  • Avatar for luyx256
    It's really amazing, in this way Pearl Jam will never die!!
  • Avatar for erikjan22
    Why would they have called this album 'Pearl Jam'? It's isn't a beste of album or something :P
  • Avatar for Dylbear
    This album fucking rocks! How does Come Back, have so little plays? That's my favorite on the album, and actually one of my favorite PJ songs, so much emotion.
  • Avatar for KeyserSoze147
    Right ;)
  • Avatar for ianburnip
    err this was released in 2006! not 92......right?
  • Avatar for GregCano
    Binaural is brillant, such a strong means a lot to me so I hesitated to admit it...but I really consider this album to be the best since VS (I never get into Vitalogy...way too random for me). I'm not afraid to say that I had pretty much buried Pearl Jam after Riot Act...they were basically running in circles... but this album gave me faith in this band again. Pure rawness, a new found energy, with great's definitely a rebirth that the band clearly felt too...and it's really 3rd favourite behind Ten and Vs. and before Binaural and Yield. Severed Hand, Unemployable, Come Back, Army Reserve, Inside Job, Big Wave, Life Wasted... this album is truely fantastic.
  • Avatar for EdgeLike
    Better than Binaural... Did you say that?
  • Avatar for lincredible
    phenomenal album. such a stronger release than binaural and riot act (though i hate to admit it).
  • Avatar for jesuscabron
    Parachutes My Favorite
  • Avatar for Peter_the_rat
    An absolute great record. I am listening to this album for 3 years now and like it as much as I did the first day!
  • Avatar for daydreamer__
  • Avatar for Galakuel
  • Avatar for indiebydlo
    >Released: 26 Aug 1992 Wait a minute. Oh shi~
  • Avatar for indiebydlo
    But I like it even more than Ten and Vs. Probably because it was my first PJ album I heard.
  • Avatar for H269
    Probably the best album since VS :D
  • Avatar for EdgeLike
    It's okay. But you must be out of your right mind if you consider this to be better than Ten or Vs.
  • Avatar for el_espirituzz
    Good album. I really like it. I think it's their best since Vitalogy (my favorite Pearl Jam album)
  • Avatar for tiitii
    I really like this album, it has a really fresh sound in it.
  • Avatar for CoCoShy
    Easily my least favorite album. Just could never get into it. : ( Nowadays I prefer everything in between Ten and this one.
  • Avatar for LetsBeSerious
    Disagree. Album was great from the get-go and very easy to get into.
  • Avatar for FunTunes
    Great,it takes a couple of listens and then your hooked,the cover isn't the best though.


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