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  • Avatar for exotic248
    I can't describe how much I love this band
  • Avatar for vitalogyxs
    I can't describe how much I love this band
  • Avatar for Megadeth_6666
    Jeremy is my favourite
  • Avatar for prayagupd
    05/01/2016, NY
  • Avatar for guence-vaia
    love them, love them, love above my life
  • Avatar for GreenPenti
    w8ing for an european tour!!
  • Avatar for stevienice
    Great show tonight at MSG!!!
  • Avatar for Red_October2
  • Avatar for AnaalForsage
    I'm glad this shitty band isn't coming to NC.
  • Avatar for merveiles
  • Avatar for 1000julys
    State of Love and Trust <3
  • Avatar for tnthuman
  • Avatar for Bruce_92
    Fantásticos! Discografia coesa e bela.
  • Avatar for corpsetastic
    Not for you is incredible.
  • Avatar for guence-vaia
    owe you my entire life ♥
  • Avatar for JenyaChudik
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    Also, I'd say they became the most popular because they were the only one to never go away for any extended period of time. They've never stopped building the legacy. As good as AIC's recent material is, they'll never be as big as the Layne days. And Soundgarden's comeback album was just plain boring.
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    I rank the big 4 Pearl Jam > Alice In Chains > Soundgarden > Nirvana. 5 years ago I would have said the reverse order, though.
  • Avatar for RomanPinochet
    It's quite ironic that arguably the worst band associated with grunge movement, has been the most successful one commercially
  • Avatar for Zach216
    Vedder is one of the most overly mimicked rock singers on the planet. Pearl Jam is just so not my thing. Hate basically everything about their sound & style... would tag it "abysmal rock"
  • Avatar for guence-vaia
    love immeasurably...
  • Avatar for iwannagoindeep
  • Avatar for Feedee0996
  • Avatar for stoppa-mig-juni
    europe tour please
  • Avatar for guence-vaia
    thank you for everything
  • Avatar for quelketchum
  • Avatar for pro-psy
    A new rock band from London, I see Foo Fighters, QOTSA and classic rock feel in it. give it a shot and spread the word rock heads.
  • Avatar for vikosinka
    чо они тебе сделали?
  • Avatar for Red_October2
    Как же я ненавижу эту группу.
  • Avatar for 1000julys
    Vs is still a great album.
  • Avatar for guence-vaia
    happy birthday, Eddie ❤ :)
  • Avatar for Rringou
    Mexico City's show was mind-blowing! <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for biochip
    Show do caralho! Maracanã tremeu! [3]
  • Avatar for naatmiranda
    Show incrível em sp! melhor experiência da minha vida <3
  • Avatar for lucgoes
    Show do caralho! Maracanã tremeu! [2]
  • Avatar for filos00f
    Show do caralho! Maracanã tremeu!
  • Avatar for EduRibeiro13
    Showzaço no Rio!
  • Avatar for brunamaraujo
    melhor show da vida <3 bh amou
  • Avatar for JosephBinath67
  • Avatar for joaoleopires
    Show foda em bh!!!!
  • Avatar for Gabrielnm01
  • Avatar for winaptziaz
    The prototypical Seattle grunge band, with a driving sound and a long run as one of the most principled and hard-working groups in rock.
  • Avatar for stathistate
  • Avatar for jurubebas
    Thanks for the best show of my life.
  • Avatar for mo_chan
    can't wait to see them live this Wednesday!!! finally!!!
  • Avatar for guence-vaia
    love forever ❤
  • Avatar for DaveDice
    check it out this new band: Black Mask & Gasoline - EP teaser 2015: Facebook:
  • Avatar for EDRORR
    Getting worse and worse.
  • Avatar for magenta27
    Please sign this petition to BRING THE OLD LAST.FM back:
  • Avatar for tooFake
    4ever wild!


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