• Emery / The Classic Crime Concert Review - Jan. 24, 2014

    27 Jan 2014, 08:46 by kalsonberry

    Fri 24 Jan – Emery, The Classic Crime, This Wild Life, Peace Mercutio, Shoreline Drive

    On Friday, I went to see Emery and The Classic Crime at El Corazon. It was definitely better than the Barcelona concert I reviewed earlier this week!

    I wouldn’t call either of these bands one of my favorites, but I do enjoy them. Emery is pretty much the only screamo band I can stand – everything else is too much for me. :P I do remember some angry moments listening to “Walls” and “The Cheval Glass” though. And I only knew a couple songs by The Classic Crime going into the concert, but now there’s definitely a few more I like!

    I met up with two friends at the concert – they had gotten there earlier for the meet and greet. El Corazon is definitely not the most glamorous place I’ve been to for a concert, but it serves its purpose (a lot of hard rock/metal bands play there). My friends picked out a good spot to stand for the concert - near the front but towards the left side so it didn’t get too crazy where we were standing.