• MY top 10 favourite albums of all time

    15 Jan 2009, 18:47 by NotAFriend

    While this may contradict my Last.fm statistics, I listen to music on CD alot more often than computer so...

    1. Bakesale
    The most flawlessly flawed lo-fi album ever made.
    Simple, catchy, raw melodies framed by Barlow's warm yet hollow voice, lyrics shrouded in pain and confusion.
    While emotion is at the forefront throughout Bakesale, the lyrics are never cliché, they are sung with a nervous modesty, making them genuine and believable.

    Top Track- Together or Alone
    Set up for a let-down
    These things happen all the time
    And I'm not longing to explore it again
    I'm too scared of what you'll find

    2. Disintegration
    The Cure, a band who coined the term "Gloomrock", certainly live up to their reputation with the 1989 release of Disintegration. The album is flooded with haunting, morbid overtones. Every song possesses an upbeat sadness, a paradox Robert Smith represents expertly with his melancholy howls.

    Top Track-Pictures of You