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  • Avatar for MisterJunior
    For a long time I considered this to be Pavement's best, but eventually I returned to my old opinion that Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain is it. This is still a great record, though, with its sprawl and relative diversity being part of its charm.
  • Avatar for cutyourhair1138
    This album is caffeinated and so am i. 10/10
  • Avatar for kenhomme
    My fave Pave x
  • Avatar for EJSrocket
    check out the cover i did of this song. it's on the right side of my page
  • Avatar for Dylanisgod2
    This album, in terms of scope and pacing, reminds me of Sebadoh III
  • Avatar for Cassandra-Leo
    Pavement's best album [5]
  • Avatar for Kzllxr
    Pavement's best album [4]
  • Avatar for electrobaboon
    Not quite as good as S&E, but very damn close
  • Avatar for Infernatic
    Pavement's best album [3]
  • Avatar for BLUEhelicopter
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    Pavement's best album [2]
  • Avatar for novemberain27
    dick sucking fool from pussy licking school, nah thts a little too risque ahaha
  • Avatar for Bolognium
    definitely their best
  • Avatar for movinghat
    omg stephen so dope xo
  • Avatar for machine_elves
    "Stephen Malkmus later refuted this, attributing the stylistic shift to excessive marijuana consumption." I died.
  • Avatar for Tron1276
  • Avatar for RockyRevolutionänguru hahahahahahahahaha!
  • Avatar for TescoSwabs
    It's their best album. There I said it.
  • Avatar for JoannadD
    The Superior Album [2]
  • Avatar for YorkNew
    Personal favourite.
  • Avatar for houghster27
    Pavement's Magnum opus
  • Avatar for cubanlinx1993
    Probably my favourite Pavement album.
  • Avatar for Krieng
    Their best, pure rock blissfulness.
  • Avatar for mahu_d
    Hard to pick a favourite Pavement album, but this is good shit.
  • Avatar for ellepharaoh
    The moments of batshit insanity that show up throughout this one are what make it great. Love that Malkmus delivery!
  • Avatar for antonjr
    this album is amazing times infinity. spontaneous, loud, stoned and my favorite pavement album
  • Avatar for midnight000
    my disk is scratched :(
  • Avatar for RodneyPWelch
    Probably my personal favorite of Pavement. I came to the band late, so to me this doesn't sound any stranger than its two predecessors.
  • Avatar for Chumping
    Side one and three are the best and most imaginative of any of Pavement's releases, but I don't think it's their best album.
  • Avatar for MCIS
    Favorite Pavement album YO!
  • Avatar for NedoftheDead
    def the best and the second disc has some of my favorite songs Give it A Day, Kris Kraft, Easily Fooled. Just fucking awesome CD
  • Avatar for Fury112
    my favourite pavement, easy peasy
  • Avatar for Wounded-Kite
    I want to live inside this album. [2]
  • Avatar for mikelittlepony
    [url=]Käng Käng?[/url] ...... [url=]Guru Guru![/url]
  • Avatar for ClownBehbeh
    This is quite possibly the best indie sort of album I've ever heard. Period.
  • Avatar for JohnnyKoni
    Their best. The best.
  • Avatar for jepascoe
    I want to live inside this album.
  • Avatar for ObsceneSteve
    i love this album, but it's the only pavement i've heard...
  • Avatar for rptrilling
    their most creative album ......and possibly my favourite.
  • Avatar for mrshankly_
    almost my favorite pavement album, i need a few more listens
  • Avatar for ZacMagnum
    I picked this CD up for $1.00 today. Life is good.
  • Avatar for emobear
    My favourite Pavement album and of the best albums ever made, if you ask me.
  • Avatar for _KevMusic_
    Give this album its time and the rewards given back are well worth it. Nothing compares, indeed :)
  • Avatar for EdgeLike
    Underrated. SO underrated.
  • Avatar for quaint_presence
    we git the money!
  • Avatar for jbchervin
    good? check that. I'm not one to slap the GREAT tag on just any album. However this set of songs deserves it. It's up there with "Fun House" as one of the best rock albums of all time in fact.
  • Avatar for robertsona_last
    good, not great, album.
  • Avatar for RIPELIVEJAM
    hotterthanjuly: finally we agree on something.
  • Avatar for Neiges
    This album is just sooooooo cool.
  • Avatar for skipspence
    In retrospect the best Pavement album. By far.


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