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  • Avatar for marjo47
    Good song and artitst!
  • Avatar for freetofu
    ELO? Not familiar with the song, but it sounds like Dear Prudence to me.
  • Avatar for durhamcitymakem
    well said SBurton59 (...and Monade2010).
  • Avatar for SBurton59
    God what an inspiration!
  • Avatar for Johnyboy5
    one of his best!!! :) he jams on this !!
  • Avatar for Monade2010
  • Avatar for MrR0CKnR0LL
    i think the intro was a tribute to 10538 ovrture rather than a rip off. weller does'nt need to rip anyone off, he often shows his influences in his music. by the way hve'nt heard this version of channgingman before. whre is it taken from?
  • Avatar for waveywhite73
  • Avatar for KidSweden
    change is good and he is oh so so good!!! ;)
  • Avatar for bakidude
    ELO... c'mon!
  • Avatar for mirrorball95
    Great song. Only just found out the riff is stolen from an early 70s ELO track. Still like it though it is a bit disappointing to hear!
  • Avatar for pjbird
    The Legend!!
  • Avatar for AndyTuck
  • Avatar for wackersska
    Anger! with reason !!!!
  • Avatar for richardrw
    Sounds like.... Traffic - I wonder...what did he listen to as a young shaver?
  • Avatar for garyni
    stanley road or wild wood?..always torn between the 2
  • Avatar for corky64
    Great track....<3
  • Avatar for wolfgangchinner
    I met Mr Weller once,,,
  • Avatar for Wellalive
    I love this track. Playing it at the week end. See
  • Avatar for stacysaw
    rocked this one OUT at coachella.
  • Avatar for Inlocobonobo
  • Avatar for aggelikamenh
    pure rock man!!
  • Avatar for xmas3
  • Avatar for angiolletto
    THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for TantoTempo
    He's still a miserable old sod.
  • Avatar for Daniel1986
    Never knew of the similarity to this ELO track until I heard it: [track artist=Electric Light Orchestra]10538 Overture[/track]
  • Avatar for modette111
    Wellers the modfather
  • Avatar for hanginchili
    The man!
  • Avatar for agentoosoul
    the only man i would sleep with ?????????
  • Avatar for Osky67
    Esta bueno este tema con ese sonido de los 60s
  • Avatar for emmaforman
    awesome song
  • Avatar for biffo123
    awesome song, seems the lyrics mean a lot to everyone!
  • Avatar for knobbystiles
    Great song. Mid you the riff's nicked from an early Electric Light Orchestra track (10538 Overture)
  • Avatar for Wez84
    When Weller released he went down with dylan, clapton whoever Weller is the best.
  • Avatar for Dirk1968
    Awesome song, means a lot to me for a variety of reasons.
  • Avatar for 1Ems
    love paul weller
  • Avatar for chocollateradio
    I will see him for the first time at Tim Festival, in Brazil, São Paulo. To bad it´s very hot here, so we can´t put a parka or a suit :(
  • Avatar for soukiyidir
    bole muzısyen olmaz olsunn...
  • Avatar for william_0191
    i think the best song from stanley road is "broken stones" but this song is nice too
  • Avatar for josecharts
    Yes! i thought the same thing! It sounds like ELO!!
  • Avatar for christianion
    we are changing
  • Avatar for spod_mandel
    Have a listen to Electric Light Orchestra's 10538 Overture. Might sound a bit familiar :D
  • Avatar for Daniek08
    Best song from his best album, love it :)

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