• March Mixtape: The Here and Now

    31 Mar 2009, 05:53 by laura_mac

    I realized this month that I haven't just made a mixtape of my current favorite songs in, I kid you not, about two years. The theme this month wasn't that great, so I decided to just go ahead and do a mixtape of what I've been listening to lately. All but two have been chronically stuck in my head over the past month; "All Along the Watchtower" is included in tribute to the series finale of Battlestar Galactica a couple of weeks ago, and "The Curse" is a new song I got to hear Josh Ritter perform at Center Stage in Atlanta last week. (If you liked The Temptation of Adam, you'll love this one too. The next album is going to be a heartbreaker.)

    For the cover art, I was going to do a photo of the music-related doodles I've been doing on my class notes over the last month, but my camera broke at the Ritter show, so instead you get a photo of my favorite spring pastime. Thank goodness for warm weather and daylight saving time!

  • Top Ten Artists Meme

    9 Sep 2008, 21:50 by bad_wisdom

    Name your top ten artists on

    1 Muse
    2 Radiohead
    3 The Beatles
    4 Patrick Wolf
    5 Rufus Wainwright
    6 Suzanne Vega
    7 Led Zeppelin
    8 Paul McCartney
    9 Emiliana Torrini
    10 Sigur Rós

    How many times have you listened to number one (Muse)?

    Is this your favourite band?
    Um no. Favourite contemporary band, yes.

    What got you into number one?
    Well... In mid-2006 I heard Megalomania (acoustic) and Starlight, and they put me off. And even though I already had Showbiz, Absolution and Black Holes and Revelations, I didn't want to give them a chance, the song titles themselves creeped me out slightly (creepy man, that Bellamy.) Then, over the following months I started to change my mind, and my ears picked up on the smoking hotness of Supermassive Black Hole, it did't sound overly creepy and angsty, just sexy and fun and well done, and I thought, okay, take 2.

    Why have you listened to them so much?
    Because I became obsessed with them at around the same time that I started using