• Last Week's Top 10

    2 Mar 2006, 20:06 de scifisuede

    10 Turin Brakes
    Their acoustic guitar sound lures me to listen over and over again... especially the song Forever

    09 Carpenters
    Sometimes one needs a dose of sugary music. Upon discovering and swaying to their songs, I also find Karen's voice to be utterly impressive. Her voice has got a beautiful tone, and she carries it along the backing music as skillfully as an acrobat. She does more with it than hitting the right notes; she might as well be the best female singer in my book so far.

    08 The Clientele
    I somehow tend to be in the mood for some Clientele in melancholic moments... and last week I had lots of those.

    07 Damien Rice
    And my favourite soundtrack for melancholic moments, of course... who can sing it better than Damien?

    06 James Blunt
    I don't realise I listened enough to him to put him at #6, but I guess I did!

    05 Hal
    Another melancholic one, for the same reason as the others: I was in the mood for this kind of calm music.