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    Alright, so I wanted to create a Spotify playlist of my 2013 most played tracks - nothing new there but seeing as a couple artist and records dominate the list, I thought it would be a better idea to just add the most played songs of the individual artists on the list. From the available statistics (last 12 months on January 1st 2014) I was able to round out the list to 60 with only a couple omissions that were not available.

    In addition I have added references to artists that have released new studio albums or I have seen live during the year. The songs themselves may not be from the referenced albums.

    a = new studio album released in 2013
    b = seen live in 2013

    1. Megadeth – Forget To Remember a1
    2. Pää Kii – Nyt skipataan kahvit b1
    3. Jim Carrey – Cold Dead Hand
    4. Overkill – Electric Rattlesnake b2
    5. The Stooges – Ready To Die a2
    6. Motörhead – Rock 'n' Roll a3
    7. Clive Barnes – Avenue Bar Scenes b3
    8. Hatebreed – This Is Now a4
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    What the critics say..................

    “'….Filmtales' is a dreamy work of vocal and instrumental tracks that feature brilliant string arrangements, haunting vocals and scintillating rhythms. A work of absolute class…” –toxic pete

    “….Fast becoming the composer that every film and tv producer in the land wants to score their next project….” – Music-news

    “….This is an excellent release from a man who, if he continues to produce and compose to this level will no doubt pick up an oscar one day….” – pitchinvader

    “Soaring strings, beats and industrial noises combine to create a sound that is reminiscent of Massive Attack’s at their most chilled.” - The Herald

    “…marvellous empathetic co-producer/arranger, PLM, has space to paint a finely judged chiaroscuro backdrop of strings and reach the very core of the song…” - Q Magazine

    " ….this album just reiterates the hollywood future is very clearly marked out for paul, and on the strength of this album, I look forward to seeing his name on the big screen…. …