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  • alittleripped

    "TRUE, BLUE AUSTRALIAN ROCK ICON, UNDENIABLY!!! It's amazing how a "REAL ARTIST" can translate their personal issues into "TOP QUALITY MUSIC", no matter how big the issue is and can still produce catchy tunes without sounding like a "PACK OF SAD,DEPRESSING FUCKS" like COLDPLAY!!! Just proves the difference between a "TRUE ARTIST" and some "Trumped up, Studio Produced" TOTAL FUCKIN' BULLSHIT!!!! "ROCK ON FOREVER PAUL KELLY!!!! Trully Inspirational Artist!!!!

    May 2015
  • changelingette

    I love this song.

    October 2011
  • Emotionsickness

    no shouts? this is an awesome song and paul kelly is great!

    June 2010