• Movies and Music

    3 Aug 2008, 12:33 by Lowlife452


    So a couple of nights ago we went to see Pan's Labyrinth and The Exorcist at Film4's Summer Screen evening at Somerset House. All in all, a pleasurable evening apart from having to leave early due to total n00bness in the "bring something warm and comfortable to lay on," department.
    We were however, 'treated' to an hour or so of random, middle of the road, movie music selected by a DJ who we later learned was Richard X. I'm terrible at watching films and have bypassed many 'classics,' yet I still knew the majority of the music played. A sign of how ingrained the music had become in our culture.

    So I got thinking about my favourite music from movies and whilst this list tends to veer towards a favourable view of the movie itself, it's the placement and the use of the music that makes it stand out for me. If anyone has any other suggestions for great movie soundtracks to check out or remind me of- just holla.

    Dead Man's Shoes -Dead Man