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    Oxfordshire quartet Glass Animals are Dave Bayley, Drew MacFarlane, Edmund Irwin-Singer and Joe Seaward. They grew up together from the age of thirteen and started working together when Dave showed Drew some tracks.

    They self-released a 5 track demo in 2012 which form the basis of the 'Leaflings EP', released via Kaya Kaya Records. It included 'Cocoa Hooves', 'Golden Antlers' and 'Exxus', later included on the 'Black Mambo / Exxus EP'.

    Having left the confines of their creative hub in the woodlands of Oxfordshire (referred to as The Shed), the band took up residence at Paul Epworth’s London studio in the Autumn of 2013. Psylla was released on November 11 by Wolf Tone (Epworth's own label) backed with 'Woozy (feat. Jean Deaux)'.

    The track 'Gooey' was premièred on February 13, 2014 as the second taster to their forthcoming début album, due out in the late Spring
  • 2010's Top-100 mp3 list

    18 Dec 2010, 21:01 by Zenius

  • Recommendation #55 [Holy Fuck - Latin]

    9 Apr 2010, 16:39 by ofLogic

    Holy Fuck - Latin

    Holy Fuck is a lo-fi improvisational experimental band based in Toronto, Canada., called “Toronto’s evil supergroup”. This is one of those great indie electro grups.

    If opposites really do attract, it makes perfect sense that Holy Fuck would chose a barn in rural Ontario to record a series of dynamic that compose their latest full-length release, titled Latin.

    Where Holy Fuck in the past were a rotating cast of musicians, Latin showcases for the first time their consistent touring line up. Drummer Matt Schulz and bass player Matt McQuaid provide a complex rhythm foundation that at times feels like an invisible hand leading you through a dark hedge maze. Perhaps an excessive feat for most, but this provides the ideal underpinning as Brian Borcherdt and Graham Walsh merge a twin effects/feedback tangle that is equal parts entrancing and inspiring.

  • Dibder's New Music Series: Entry 11

    26 Nov 2009, 12:34 by CvaldaVessalis

    Just one more month to go after this, then my ludicrous monthly assignments can finally calm down... I don't mind listening to all of this music, but writing, linking and tagging all of this stuff can be very tiresome. Still, November's been a good month thus far, but before I get started... X Factor, despite not having any really good contestants this year (Stacey is adorable but not strictly an international star, same going for Olly and Joe, Lloyd shouldn't have been in the finals in the first place really and Danyl is quite clearly so unlikeably loathsome with his big voice as to make me try to scratch my eyeballs out), is still as galvanisingly awesome as ever, what with everyone FINALLY coming around to appreciating how lovely and astute Dannii Minogue is compared to the others; Christmas is nearly here, which means I'll have to unearth both versions of Black Christmas for yuletide merriment (and on top of that both versions of the remake…
  • Dibder's New Music Series: Entry 5

    28 May 2009, 11:11 by CvaldaVessalis

    Thu 30 Apr – the mummers

    On a personal note, it is with great excitement that I write this journal, as the next installment will be published whilst I am ensconced in the sunny environs of San Francisco! Provided I get around to writing it, obviously... So, as you can understand, new music and gigs won't exactly be on the agenda over the next couple of months! An incredibly special thanks to Omissi0n for setting this whole jaunt up is in order also, as despite being a dispiritingly crap year at home so far, I now have something rather lovely to look forward to! X^D

    So, joygasm over, back to my monthlies, and a quick little blurb about up-and-coming pop folkers The Mummers, whose debut album received a rather glowing rating in my last entry. They'll be hitting the festival circuit this year and are well worth checking out, their sunny songs and laidback demeanor a perfect soundtrack to the (hopefully) good summer weather. Lead singer Raissa's prior stage experience is a welcome feature too…
  • Dibder's New Music Series: Entry 3

    26 Mar 2009, 12:44 by CvaldaVessalis

    Wed 18 Mar – Girl Talk, Daedelus, Joker, Fabulous Diamonds, cleckhuddersfax

    Before I get going on my monthlies (read into that what you will), I'd just like to give a passing mention to the rather fabulous night held at the Scala by organisers Upset The Rhythm, who managed to book the DJ responsible for one of my favorite albums of last year at the venue for quite the evening out with two of my closest friends. The reason I have to mention it in passing is because the night itself was a joyous blur, the kind of night when so much good stuff was going on, musically and socially, you sort of lose your concentration with the gig itself, which happened to throw up a few surprises of its own.

    Firstly, the combination of the venue (a rather weirdly constructed affair featuring all manner of staircases, passageways and Mediterranean tiling most often found all over the Costa del Sol) and the deluge of American students who had excitedly arrived to support their Mash-Up Master provided welcome…
  • And So It Goes... My Top 50 Albums Of 2008 (Pt. 4)

    30 Dec 2008, 13:37 by CvaldaVessalis

    So, here it is, my Top 20 albums of the past year... I've run out of cute/entertaining/banal things to write so I'm just gonna get right to it. Though I am surprised that "gonna" is able to get through SpellCheck without any naughty red squiggles... hmmm.

    20. The Odd Couple
    Cee-Lo and DJ DangerMouse may have diverted their attentions to lesser causes this year ranging from the pretty good (Martina Topley-Bird) to the disappointing (Estelle), but they do well to hoard the killer tunes for themselves, even if this more-than-fine companion to St. Elsewhere didn’t hit as commercial a high as their first offering. This is most likely due to the album’s darker atmosphere, where even the lighter moments are tainted by an inescapable melancholy, such as Blind Mary. However, there’s no denying this album’s repeat-play power, particularly on Who’s Gonna Save My Soul (and its literally heartbreaking video) and Run (I’m a Natural Disaster)… Hint: for your next party CD, you’d do a lot worse than putting Run alongside B.
  • Exclusive MP3: Editors - All Sparks (Phones Remix)

    11 Dec 2006, 09:05 by dthprod

    When he's not busy producing ace UK acts like Bloc Party and Maxïmo Park, or, um, , Paul Epworth goes on a remixing rampage under the alias Phones. Here he grooves up and spreads out Editors' "All Sparks", from the joyless division's debut LP, The Back Room. Dialed in? Not so much, lucky for you.

    The Phones number was set to appear on an Editors remix EP, but didn't make the final cut. So happy belated Thanksgiving, have an exclusive mp3.

    The aforementioned EP hit iTunes a couple weeks back, and features Editors re-edits from Ghislain Poirier, Ed Banger's Sebastian, Prince Language, and Certified Bananas mash-up man P Nice.
    MP3: Editors-All Sparks (Phones Remix)
  • Muse - Starlight

    8 Sep 2006, 11:38 by Teneroth

    To be quite frank, I wasn't too impressed with Muse' new album. I wish they had carried on with what the album was turning out to be - a mix between space rock and metal, along the lines of the early Assassin version known by fans as "Debase Masons Grog" (nb: I've tagged all of my DMG versions as Assassin, that's why Assassin is so high up on my lists).

    Starlight was one of the worst on the album in my opinion. Well, not one of the worst, but one of the ones I least prefer, after all there's a big difference between what One likes and what is good, the former is a matter of preference.

    Again, I payed £6.92 from Record Store UK to buy all three formats, which is cheaper than buying them individually anywhere, and not much more than buying just the CD and DVD from HMV, which the Muse newsletter and site publishers link to. The service wasn't up to scratch this time, simply because it took so long to get here (it was delivered with this morning's post). …
  • Adventures in the Beetroot Field @ Fabric

    14 Apr 2006, 19:11 by killthehippies

    Last night we headed down Fabric for eight hours of djs, live bands and very trendy haircuts. The atmosphere was far from that of the Fabric I know and love, seeing as everyone was too busy checking out each others outfits to be dancing most of the time. As the action was divded over the three rooms we couldn't catch everything. But we did see...

    Roland Shanks, who were better than I remember, although Hot Guy on the Korg has grown a beard, and it now a little less hot.

    Saw a bit of Polytechnic but weren't that impressed so headed to Room 1 for ¡Forward, Russia! who were pretty damn good. Highlights included Nine and (my favourite?) Twelve.

    The Noisettes were bloody amazing. The vocalist had the most incredible voice and great stage presence. Might have to check out some more of their stuff.

    Tried to see The Long Blondes but the room was rammed, so after hearing one song from a distance we went to see Ladyfuzz. Apart from Oh Marie and the last song I wasn't overly impressed. …