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Paul Chain is simply an artist name (the translation into English of his real name, Paolo Catena) that stretches over 4 different bands, none of which exists today since the "artistic death" of Paul Chain in 2003. Paolo Catena continued making experimental and improvisational music under the name Paul Cat in his new band formerly called P.C. Translate, later shortened to simply Translate.

- Paul Chain Violet Theatre; was the original name of all Paul Chains workings until the namechange in 1987. It could probably not be called a band of it's own as it in fact has counted 10 different bands and 50 musicians working together with Paul Chain.

- Paul Chain; is the name for Paul Chain's main band. Here he plays his primary style of traditional doom.

- Paul Chain - The Improvisor; is Paul Chains live act. It is done together with the poet Paolo Silvestri. It is here that he shows his skills in improvising songs.

- Paul Chain Experimental Information ; is not a doom act as such. Often it isn't even metal. This truly is Paul Chains experimental corner where he can do exactly what he wants to.

The container system: Some of Paul Chains albums have a circle with a number on it. The number states the albums number in Paul Chains container list. All numbers in his container list are ment to differ between the different experiences, styles and moments in Paul Chains life. A container is created when an album creates unclosed video or audio recordings.

Paul Chain was also guitarist and co-founder of the Italian "horror music" band Death SS.

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