• into October

    5 Oct 2007, 4:02 de jwRADIO1

    Is it me, or does the "911" track from Donnie suffer under it's thick R&B production? I just think it could have been a stronger delivery with acoustic guitar, then acoustic drums, and moving it some organ and choir action at the end. I can be dramatic about my music, I know, but I wouldn't mind an entire acoustic version of Daily News.

    Hip-hop is driving October as I seek the sun within the clouds though winter is near. Brotherlove's blog hooked me to PanaCea's jazzy flavor while brother Autolect bring the bookend cuts from Autolect:Between God and the Deep Blue. In the middle are deep ear sways from Sixtoo, the G&D/Pattie Blingh and The Akebulan Five/Georgia Anne Muldrow collective, and Guvna Dub.

    My guilty pop confection right now is Ari Gold's latest, Transport Systems. All you open (and closet) lovers of Justin Timberlake and Robbie Williams may do well to tune in to Ari's style. Did an interview with him recently so you can hear here at about 16 1/2 minutes in:http://media.
  • Georgia Anne Muldrow for President.

    10 Ago 2007, 19:33 de somnambulance

    Words do no justice.

    How much do I love you, girl?

    I can't even remember when I heard you first. If I had to guess, it was while I was thumbing through the Stones Throw site for new sound to devour.

    Before I knew it, mama was tearing up my top artists list here (which was kind of interesting, considering most of the listening I did to Tim Hecker, my previous top artist, was done in my sleep). I'm screaming on shoutboxes, "Georgia Anne Muldrow for president!"

    What have you done to me, girl? I am your willing pawn.

    Your debut EP, Worthnothings, is straight FIRE. FI-YER. Larva, you slap these gutter ass beats together with all sorts of whipped silky soulful vocal toppings. You ever watch Project Runway? It reminds me of that one dress Andrae made that was inspired by the dirty gutter water. Stunning. You "made it work." Nothingness reminds me of Chaka Khan in outer space. Lo Mein, while showcasing no harps…