• Amazing

    1 Sep 2011, 08:00 by brudberg

    Wed 31 Aug – Patti Smith So how do you actually review a performance like this? Maybe starting in 1979 I was about to leave high-school. I remember one party at a class-mate´s where we put on the record and danced the whole class to Because the Night. Somehow for a long time that was my sole experience of Patti Smith. I have always known that Patti is something you should listen to, but among all the flood of music I had kept pushing it up. So then she won the Polar Price, and all of the sudden I started to listen. Of course I found music I had actually heard and liked many times before. Sorry for sounding pathetic, it is almost like you start to read a nobel prize winner only after the price is awarded.

    Anyway, listening to a concert in a venue that is actually made for playing in is a great experience. You can actually hear the music very balanced (I guess in the whole hall). It means that the traditional ear-plugs stayed in my pocket during the whole concert. …
  • Patti Smith Acoustic Trio Live @ La Cité de la musique - Paris, 20/01/2011

    6 Feb 2011, 22:30 by Stoov

    Jeu 20 jan. – Patti Smith acoustic trio
    It was my 3rd Patti Smith experience since 1996. The first time was with my father in Concarneau (south Brittany - France), I was 16 and I consider it as my first gig ever.
    All 3 gigs were very unique to my own appreciation...
    The first one back in July 1996 took place in an old town under the moonlight, by the sea...Simply beautiful ! Patti sang and said poems...
    I will never forget this evening...

    My second Patti Smith concert took place in my favourite parisian venue. The Bataclan, in July 2004. It was a more classical gig compared to the first one but the atmosphere in the audience was crazy ! A lot more than my first one when I was 16 ! I felt this way maybe because I was older this time and knew a bit more about the woman...I've appreciated that gig in a different kind of way ;)

    And the last one...but not the least ! She introduced the gig as being the second unplugged one she was giving in her whole career ! The first one was (from…
  • Patti Smithed Me!

    8 Sep 2009, 09:30 by pashernatelover

    Patti played for FREE at the Santa Monica Pier on Thursday night. I showed up with my boyfriend, certainly not a poetry or punk fan, and fought with the hundreds of people to park and squirm into the crowd to see her. She was AMAZING! Lively, witty, funny, and with never ending energy. Since the start time was a mystery to us we ended up getting there 30 minutes late... meaning we missed Redondo Beach and Free Money... you know, my favorite of her songs... no biggie :-(. She played Because the Night and Gloria and was in that poetic high where Wildesque words were falling off of her lips with a touch of reverence for the night. Breath taking. Plus she wasn't wearing a hat...so that was good. She played for over an hour after I got there, see what I mean about endless energy? She even eventually came down to sign autographs, and I was super close in the line until bastards kept cutting and insisting that the line did not start at the sign that said "LINE STARTS HERE"... …
  • Top 40 Patti Smith Songs

    12 Sep 2008, 01:27 by RyanPC

    This was probably the most difficult list I've compiled thus far. I spent a few hours mulling over Patti Smith's discography, trying to decide the order in which to place my favorite tracks, and it was nearly impossible. God didn't help me, I can tell you that. Of all the artists I am obsessed with, Patti Smith is probably the most consistent as far as the quality of her work in her early period (1974-1979) versus her later period (1988-present). My top ten is mostly comprised of tracks from her early period (except for a brilliant cover of R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts" that is far better than the original), but that doesn't mean her current work isn't just as great. In fact, her voice has matured over the years, and the raspy quality it has now is so soothing. I like to consider Patti Smith the white rocker equivalent of Nina Simone -- she is a poet and a goddess, and she can take any song and make it her own (check out her cover album, Twelve, for proof of that!). …
  • Jet lag

    13 Jan 2008, 04:10 by my-my

    Despite the diazepam I have major jet lag from my excellent week in LA. So I thought I'd share my list of my favourite songs about the City of Angels, Hollywood, valley girls, cracked actors, crack addicts and all the rest.

    LA Playlist

    Angelo Badalamenti: Mulholland Drive
    Ry Cooder: Poor Man's Shangri-La
    The Decemberists: Los Angeles, I'm Yours
    Patti Smith: Redondo Beach
    Lou Reed: This Magic Moment
    The Raveonettes: Ode to L.A.
    Marlene Shaw: california soul
    Kool and the Gang: Hollywood Swingin'
    The Beatles: Blue Jay Way
    Henry Mancini: Lujon
    Mylo: Valley Of The Dolls
    The Kinks: Celluloid Heroes
    The Doors: People Are Strange
    Gypsy Kings: Hotel California
    Frank Sinatra: La Is My Lady
    Linda Scott: I've Told Every Little Star
    Sammy Davis, Jr. & Dean Martin: Sam's Song
    The Go-Go's: This Town
    The Monkees: Hollywood
    Jonathan Richman: Rooming House On Venice Beach
    The Red Hot Chili Peppers: Under The Bridge
    Gene Autry: Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  • Patti Smith conquers the Roundhouse

    21 Oct 2007, 19:23 by enfieldchris

    Went to the Roundhouse with my other arf to see Patti Smith and she was in majestic form. Somehow we managed to have tickets in the back row of the circle but it's only about 6 back and we had a good face-on view of the stage between two of the columns.

    Sure enough about 8:15 the band materialised on stage and there she was in her regulation skinny-leg jeans, boots, long white shirt and dark jacket, a big grin on her face and waving waif-like at the crowd. She stepped up to the mike and sang "Jesus died for somebody's sins.... but not mine" as we looked at each other saying "Eeeeeeek" and the audience roared. After Gloria -ing our way through that it was onto a very loose skanky Redondo Beach and the first song from her new 'covers' album, Jimi Hendrix's Are You Experienced? I was a bit unsure of TWELVE when I first heard it but repeated listening made it come together more and all of the songs she did tonight from the album fitted in easily with her own classic songs.
  • Outside of Society!

    23 May 2007, 15:48 by netclectic

    Tue 22 May – Patti Smith @ The ABC, Glasgow

    What a fucking tremendous gig!!!

    This was way better than I was anticipating. I wasn't too sure what to expect when I heard Patti Smith was going to be touring her latest album of cover versions but thankfully it turned to be quite superb.

    Highlight of the show for me would have to be the rendition of Rock n Roll Nigger which really kicked some ass!

    Gloria, as you would expect, was raucous and went down a storm. I was also well impressed with some of the cover versions, especially the version of Jimi Hendrix's Are You Experienced?, The Doors' Soul Kitchen and Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit.

    What I can remember of the set list (in no particular order):

    Gimme Shelter
    Soul Kitchen
    White Rabbit
    Within You Without You
    Are You Experienced?
    Redondo Beach
    Free Money
    Because the Night
    Pushing Too Hard (Lenny Kaye on vocals)
    Smells Like Teen Spirit
    Rock n Roll Nigger

    Privilege (Set Me Free)
    Pissing in a River
  • The High Priestess Of Punk

    18 May 2007, 22:29 by GoroMike

    Thu 17 May – Patti Smith
    From the moment she stepped on-stage and began singing the opening lines to Gloria "Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine" it was clear that this gig was going to be something special. Along with more experimental cover versions of tracks included on the new album Twelve, Patti played her way through a near perfect set, which included all the songs fans of hers have come to think of as hits, Free Money, Redondo Beach, and the storming, aggression of the set closer Rock N' Roll Nigger.
    Caught under her spell, the audience had no option but to capitulate to her unyielding force. In these times Patti's influence may only stretch to a few old punks and a smaller collection of younger music listeners, but it is by no means less relevant. As music becomes more and more commercialised and the meaning takes less importance than the sales figures it's the punk poet herself who remains stood out from the crowd…
  • March playlist

    27 Feb 2007, 23:43 by rliu

  • Album Review: Horses by Patti Smith

    19 Feb 2007, 06:44 by vargas_girl

    Being a passionate rock woman, I sometimes get sick of listening to rock with a solely male perspective. I want some estrogen mixed with my aggression so I have something I really can identify with. No other sub-genre of rock is more dominated with testosterone than punk, which seems a bit ironic to me if I go back to the roots of the punk movement back in the mid to early 70's. There has been much debate over who put out the first true punk album. Arthur Lee of the seminal 60's band Love, is voted by the majority of music critics/historians to have released the first true song in the spirit of punk called "7&7" which has been covered by a barrage of bands from Ramones to The Stooges.

    But if one wants to discuss who put out the first truly full-fledge punk filled album, I have to give the credit to Ms. Patti Smith. Horses, which debuted in 1975, was filled with beat poetry inspired lyrics, frantic guitar, and Artist page: John Cale's (former member of the Artist page: The Velvet Undergroundover-the…