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  • Avatar for confetti__
    Dancing Barefoot does indeed deserve a lot more love. Wonderful song.
  • Avatar for Xorican
    Какая же она, чёрт побери, крутая!
  • Avatar for Lobianco237
    Dancing barefoot is underrated :'/
  • Avatar for Johnnyswiftie
    Awesome file pic : )
  • Avatar for Mr_CandySuxxx
    I've got Just Kids here in my hands, it's an amazing book. Can't waint to read M. Train too.
  • Avatar for sdsfds
    musataso: Uuno
  • Avatar for Dabedread
    Come Back, Little Sheba..
  • Avatar for icelandiccold
    vote up please!
  • Avatar for HeavyMetal_LM
    Rainha demais não é possível
  • Avatar for SamuelFonseca_
    Ela não pisa na PJ, ambas são excelentes ! [2]
  • Avatar for laryoverkill
    Ela não pisa na PJ, ambas são excelentes !
  • Avatar for A1000Mistakes
    The Melbourne Festival shows of Horses were soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wicked!!! All four performers were cool! Here's who did what song if anyone here what's to know? Gloria: Adalita, Redondo Beach: Courtney Barnett, Birdland: Gareth Liddiard, Free Money: Adalita, Kimberley: Jen Cloher, Break It Up: Courtney Barnett, Land:Jen Cloher, Elegie: Gareth Liddiard then everyone came back on for the encore of My Generation! You can listen to it here:
  • Avatar for ilhammaulana
    Easter > Horses
  • Avatar for fimikfimik
  • Avatar for grunge1ofil
    Patti is genious.
  • Avatar for strom-z
    she really still IS awesome live!! and that comes from a guy who barely knew her. she was stunning and so inspiring last month.
  • Avatar for inklungs
    she is so amazing live, I adore her
  • Avatar for MarioYoho
  • Avatar for snowfall__
    she was coal to me, hidden under rocks for so long. Today, under pressure, she came out shining like a gem. Great vocals and also a headstone for a lot of music I listen to.
  • Avatar for towardsecstasy
  • Avatar for towardsecstasy
    Because The Night (feat. Sarah McLachlan on piano) ♥.♥
  • Avatar for rambonon
    Большая и настоящая поэзия. Сразу видно влияние Рембо. Вообще, я не вспомню ни одного плохого артиста из CBGBs. [2]. Шикарная и своеобразная, очень, дама.
  • Avatar for dersonveloso
    wish i could see her live [5] i just lost the chance
  • Avatar for akatarzynak
    Absolutely charming live.
  • Avatar for Mickey-L-Angelo
    wish i could see her live [4]
  • Avatar for NadiaSchneider
    wish i could see her live [3]
  • Avatar for Morgantown
    She's such an important artist in rock music. From Madonna to Marilyn Manson and U2, everyone has claimed their admiration for Patti.
  • Avatar for taurinvenus
    rainha da minha vida
  • Avatar for leneheart
  • Avatar for godsavethejoao
  • Avatar for juggernaut88j
    I find it quite ok
  • Avatar for brubisx
    wish i could see her live [2] :(
  • Avatar for Lorelei_94
  • Avatar for vturi
    wish i could see her live
  • Avatar for I_m_mmortal
    Рок н ролл НИГГА ♥
  • Avatar for vals81
    Here some pics and impressions of the Berlin show:
  • Avatar for d0l
    p.s. stop being such a nigger
  • Avatar for d0l
    AcidPoliceUH, everybody has the right to use whatever the fuck words they want to, regardless of whether it offends others or not. get outta here
  • Avatar for Schkatz
    Where were her music before in my life? :X
  • Avatar for Edry_insane
  • Avatar for Smeshonok
    just kids♥
  • Avatar for Nimbie
    Hey Lord come into my room!
  • Avatar for nu_privet
    danielkosilov, что еще прокудахчешь из своего курятника?
  • Avatar for danielkosilov
    переоцененное дерьмо
  • Avatar for clash_vinny
    we shaaaaall live agaaain
  • Avatar for shineown
  • Avatar for exprof
  • Avatar for ischygo
    Just seen her live in Jena! Overview over the city from a very high point besides the stage, thunder and lightning all over the mountain surrounding the city and a good friend to enjoy this performance with. I'm stunned!
  • Avatar for Primus3131313
    'Horses' Outtakes
  • Avatar for KaramAkerfeldt
    What a badass chick.


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