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The Lawrence, Kansas native developed an early interest in theater, film, music and art. As the son of a jazz-drummer, he grew up listening to big-band and dixieland jazz but quickly broadened his musical taste. During his teenage years he gained a reputation as a promising songwriter and his early film and video work earned him the chance to move to New York City to study at The Cooper Union School of Art.

His debut album Baby Comes Home (recorded at age 20, while on leave from school) was described as a "wall-to-wall clinic in songwriting" (Daytrotter) and paid homage to 60s orchestral-pop, film noir, and Tin Pan Alley lounge, jazz and swing. Baby Comes Home was noted for its theatrical style, infectious melodies, and dense, piano-driven orchestral arrangements. Patrick chose not to perform the material from Baby Comes Home without the proper live instrumentation (requiring a small orchestra and horn-section). He bypassed touring the album and immediately began work on a new collection of songs while finishing his studies.

After graduating from Cooper Union he further developed the material that would become his sophomore release, Orange Moonbeam Floorshow. Working with producer/arranger Jay Israelson, Patrick channels the cool, electronic new-wave sounds of 80s dance-pop. He refines his melodic prowess and lush arrangements, combining unique vocal styling with lyrical themes of science-fiction, magic, and horror. In lieu of strings and horns, however, Orange Moonbeam Floorshow is defined by programmed synthesizers and drum machines. Since the release of his sophomore album, the young performer has toured throughout Western and Eastern Europe. His stage show has been characterized by his solitary appearance in phantomesque regalia as well as an illuminated platform upon which he has performed.

Radio Heartbreak (available May 24, 2011) proves to be yet another genre-bending release from Patrick Cleandenim, a recording artist who refuses to be pinned to one style. The album draws inspiration from "blue-eyed soul" (mid-70s Bowie, Todd Rundgren, Steely Dan), R&B, disco, glam, and 50s rock and roll.

Patrick continues to write, record and perform in New York City.

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