• HearJapan delivers the new music of X Japan singer ToshI to the world

    21 Jun 2011, 06:18 by Hear-Japan

    Yokohama, Japan — June 21st, 2011 — HearJapan is excited to announce that X Japan singer Toshi has just added two brand new singles to the catalog!

    Hoshizora no Neptune and Haru No Negai both prominently feature ToshI’s legendary vocal style set along-side elegant and moving piano melodies and string arrangements. These songs of separation, miraculous encounters and beauty could be considered metaphorically about the victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Their power and majesty work to heal all wounds.

    Both Hoshizora no Neptune and Haru no Negai will be available to download the second they go on sale in Japan. Hardcore fans overseas won’t have to feel left out of this monumental communal experience! Make sure to pre-order now and set your alarm so you can be the first to own these incredible new ToshI singles as soon as they go live!

  • Ra:IN w Gdyni!

    29 Jun 2009, 15:18 by kazeninja

    Thu 25 Jun – Ra:IN, Proghma-C, Psychollywood

    Kiedy na początku roku żartowałem z kilkoma osoba z jednej grupy na last'cie, do której należę, o tym że X Japan mógłby wpaść, to nawet w najśmielszych wizjach, nie pozwoliłem sobie na pojawienie się Paty i jego wesołej kompanii znanej światu pod szyldem jako Ra:IN w naszym kraju. Ale jednak. Stało się! Polscy fani mogli nacieszyć swoje uszy, na żywo, tym jak Pata, D.I.E., Tetsu i Michiaki grają kawał solidnego rock'a.

    19:03 - lekko zdyszany, biegłem - pochrzaniłem autobusy z nerwów, trafiam pod klub Ucho. Ludzie stoją. Widzę Rafała, dzień wcześniej poznanego fana japońskiego rock'a. Chwilę rozmawiamy o muzyce, o tym co słuchamy. Dzisiaj jest spokojniej niż wczoraj - możemy w ogóle o czymś rozmawiać. Jednak po dziesięciu minutach pogawędki tematy się kończą i zaczyna być czuć nerwy: "mogli by już otworzyć".
    Na oko, pod klubem czeka 60 osób. Ile z nich przyszło na Ra:IN ? Widzę kilka tych samych twarzy co wczoraj, kilka nowych, zespół Psycholywood i Proghma-C. …
  • X JAPAN Ⅳ - le retour de la vengeance (FR)

    1 Apr 2008, 20:24 by jesus2099

    (Cet article est un extrait de : X JAPAN de retour ?)

    Quelle surprise, je suis tombé sur une nouvelle chanson du mythique X Japan !

    En résumé, c'est un groupe de hard rock, plutôt cool, des années 80 dont les membres étaient :

    Taiji (cool), viré (dommage)
    … puis remplacé par Heath (bof)

    guitare rythmique

    batterie, piano, compo, gourou

    Toshi, qui a quitté le groupe

    Hide, décédé un peu après la séparation du groupe

    Je suis tombé sur une vidéo et sur un mp3 d'une chanson s'appelant I.V. (アイブイ = aïe bouillie, comme le dit TOSHI).

    Le plus dingue, c'est que la vidéo corresponde à un concert qui vient juste de se passer !

    Cette nouvelle chanson est un peu plan-plan. C'est à dire qu'elle n'est pas mauvaise, mais bon … Un peu poumpoum-paf-poumpoum-paf. Enfin c'est pas mal quand même. J'ai vu YOSHIKI, TOSHI et PATA sur la vidéo. Peut être que c'est toujours HEATH (bof), le bassiste. …
  • Ra:IN&RIZE的2007北京ライブ情報

    2 Aug 2007, 06:30 by JIDE911

    日時/9月7日(金) 19:30開場、20:00開演
    主催/票務琵雅、Planning eO
    JESSE (MC & Guitar)、金子ノブアキ(Drums)、中尾宣弘(Guitar)、KenKen(Bass)
    1997結成、00に「カミナリ」でデビュー。国内及び全米ツアーを精力的に周り、韓国公演や各国大型フェスの参加を意欲的に行っているライブバンド。06年、故hide(元X-Iapan)のヒット曲「ピンク スパイダー」をカバー、オリコン初登場で8位を記録し、MVはスペースシャワーTV MVA2007にノミネート。今年初めに業界初のデジタルシングル「KAMI」、「heiwa」、5thアルバム「ALTERNA」をリリース。

    日時/9月8日(土) 13:00開場、13:30開演
    主催/票務琵雅、Planning eO
    PATA(Guitar/ex..X-JAPAN)、michiaki(Bass/ex..TENSAW)、 Tetsu (Drums/ex.CoCCo,レッドウォリアーズ) 、DIE(Keyboard/ex.hide with spraed beaver)
    2002結成のインストバンド。バンド名は伝説のベーシスト加部正義が命名。04に1stアルバム「The Line」をリリース、国内外の音楽関係者からも高い評価を受ける。同年“Beyond the Borders- ASIAN CIRCUT 2004”を開始、上海ライヴや台湾Formoz Rock…

    16 Jun 2007, 18:47 by Ratheden

    I thought i would write my first jornal here. I guess no other band is as important to me as X JAPAN. Playing a blend of symphonic metal and rock, typically speed metal and hard rock and emphasising ballads more than most bands, they are my favourite band of ALL TIME. period.

    Lets introduce them, shall we?

    On Vocals, TOSHI

    Toshi was one of the founding members of X and was their vocalist. His voice has an incredibly huge range and he easily switches between raw edgy high pitched rock singing to smooth soft crooning for ballads. His decision to leave the band in 1996 forced X Japan to disband.

    On Bass, HEATH

    Heath joined the band in 1992 replacing Taiji on bass. Quiet and solid, Heath quickly became popular with the fans. His bass solos were notable for their Phantom of the Opera theme.

    On Guitar, PATA
  • Songs and thoughts

    24 Feb 2006, 14:20 by Espy_

    Some songs I'm listening currently, and feelings I get when I listen to them.

    hide - Psychommunity
    Kinda same when listening to Cid's Theme from FFVII by Nobuo Uematsu, but this time I feel like I'm not flying around, but instead I stand on a cliff in a windy weather and watch how the birds fly by, me wishing I could join them. The feeling gets stronger towards the end, until it's almost unbearable. At the same time I feel the hope rising, making me be strong enough to stand tall against the wind.
    Pretty lyrical, eh? :D

    Pata - Love Fake
    The beginning of this song is awesome. But when the vocalist shows up, the song kinda flattens. Mostly because the voice suddenly reminded me of Teräsbetoni... XD It's kinda same as in Pata's Dyna Mighty Rock 'N' Roller that sounds awesome otherwise, but the female singers just.. ugh, I don't like. XD Anyway, I like both of these songs, even though the sigers just make me lift my eyebrows.

    YOSHIKI - Rose of Pain