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    Nonesuch Records will release two new albums from guitarist Pat Metheny on May 6, The Unity Sessions and Cuong Vu Trio Meets Pat Metheny. The Unity Sessions, a two-CD set, is taken from a filmed performance with Pat Metheny Unity Group that was recently released on DVD (see link to review below); the set comprises 13 songs by Metheny, one he co-wrote with Ornette Coleman, and one standard by Ray Noble. And Cuong Vu Trio Meets Pat Metheny joins the guitarist with a trio led by longtime Pat Metheny Group trumpeter Cuong Vu. It includes five tunes written by Vu plus one by Metheny and one by Andrew D’Angelo. | | Check out "Pat Metheny Unity Group" |
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    R.I.P. Naná Vasconcelos | |
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  • Avatar for shivaki07 Jak fan Pata polecam recenzję tego indonezyjskiego fusionisty!
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    потрясающая музыка
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    Indeed Volker: (Not only) In this case I'm going with you. Try this link friends: [track artist=Anna Maria Jopek & Friends with Pat Metheny]Are You Going With Me?[/track] A vocal version of Pat Methenys great piece by [artist]Anna Maria Jopek & Friends with Pat Metheny[/artist]
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    Anna Maria Jopek's version of "Are You Going With Me" is a must hear [2] .... ;)
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    Anna Maria Jopek's version of "Are You Going With Me" is a must hear
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    Maybe the best version of "Are You Going With Me", North Sea Jazz Festival 2003
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    Please come again to Mexico, Metheny!
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    We need a new album! Even if The Way Up still very... fresh. I'm alwas re-discovering it.
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    Sorry for spamming, but Sixun also it's an excellent fusion band. Their music are so unique. Please check them out. Sorry my english....
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    Apparently liking Pat Metheny is a n00b thing to do. I however, know little of the subject and only have one of his albums
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    best fusion artist!
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    see ya in croatia =)
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    The Road to You album is one of their most magic and beautiful stuff! pure musical poetry! i recommend this deeply to all of you, check it out!
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    I bought Letter From Home in a thrift store eons ago, having no idea what I was getting. I'm blessed with buying alums on whim and them being wonderful. This was yet another wonderful find!
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    the best in the story of music
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    I prefer their brazillian flavored tracks. Great Band. The innovation is unequaled.
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    Only i can say.....THE BEST
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    A living legend and the reigning King of Jazz. I can't say anymore that hasn't already been said about the genius and talent of Pat Metheny and his greater than great players. I've seen them live and all were so nice, especially Pat, Lyle and Steve who went out of their way to sign my autograph. These guys live and breath their music and appreciate their fans as we do them.
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    As it is live is EPIC!!
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    quartet is pretty cool
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    da dadadadadadaaaaaa dadadadadadaaaaaaaaaa dadadadadadaaaaaaaaaa dings dadadadadadadaaaaaaaa dadadadadaaaaaaaaa dadadadadadusch dadadusch dadadusch dadadusch
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    in a word: INNOVATION!
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    First heard the group in 1979 while riding in a jeep with the top down. It doesn't get much better than that. Jim
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    the way up is a masterpiece!
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    some of these works are just to damn strange for me, but still, i am going to his concert this summer :D
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    I prefer their Warner records over their ECM records. I've never been huge on the ECM style btw. Like grandeblu, I love the Brazilian influences on records like Letter From Home, it's really wonderful
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    I like the Brazilian influenced albums and also the quiet piano pieces - but also the guitar synthesizer solos are exceptional. I own (almost) every record from PMG (including solo albums). After listening the first time to "First Circle" and "Still Life..." I put these CDs into my car player and they stayed there for almost 2 years. Yes, for almost 2 (or more) years I was listening nothing else than PMG (never happend before with any other group). Successively I bought every CD from them. After a while my girl friend knows every title as well as me :-) The same time they came to Vienna and I had the chance to see them live there. Sitting only a few meters away from Lyle Mays (3rd row I guess) watching his fingers on the piano (and the expressive performance of all) - I am also a musician and so this was really a highlight to me.
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    I love their "Quartet" record, love the unpretentious, yet amazing way most songs are built up. "Seven Days" and "Language of Time" couldn't be more perfect!
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    always and forever......
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    Love Them <3
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    From Japan Pat Metheny Group is the subarasii!!
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    It's a (in the true meaning of the word) solo album. But it's called Orchestrion. :)
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    Is his new album( "Orchestrionics") a group? Or, is it solo work? Please teach me... Hi from Japan : )
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    Lone Jack <3. or rather the whole debut LP. it's.. a pure miracle.
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    great band
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    I'm a big fan of the earlier Pat Metheny Group... Offramp, First Circle, etc... basically anything they did under the ECM label. I agree too that they should come back to ECM.
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    Similar Artists... Pat Metheny, Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays, Pat Metheny Trio, Lyle Mays, Pat Metheny & Brad Mehldau, John Scofield & Pat Metheny... no doubt, Pat Metheny is very similar to himself.
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    Pat, come back to ECM, please!
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    "have you heard" is blowing my mind up. any other songs like this?
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    I discovered that I like jazz a few days ago, and They Way Up is so incredible.
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    i'm really glad i found out about Steve Reich before i listened to The Way Up. It makes so much sense now
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    The Way Up and Secret Story must be two of the most amazing music albums ever created. Its a smooth flow, a line of energy going all the way through, making every second of every track a mesmerizing moment.


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