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    The best of the best............................. along with Christian Weston Chandler. They should tour together. I'd see them.
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  • Avatar for matheuzimsccp
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    если по чесноку, то мало интересного - буквально две песни, перепевки рок-н-роллов разве что ради смеха послухать можно
  • Avatar for HaHaHaYoureDead
    на юру Хованского похож
  • Avatar for fokkker
    this is the music without balls. it's for aging women or fatty businessmen who afraid to listen alive music
  • Avatar for IamFlood
    Better than Elvis and Ozzy!
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  • Avatar for borntogeek
    blogging about the pat vs elvis feud at
  • Avatar for borntogeek
    having a whole new appreciation of wholesome all-American values (despite my being Australian) at
  • Avatar for CaioMtta
    I still can't believe that he made In A Metal Mood.
  • Avatar for lost_in_death
    No, don't u ever change the photo!
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  • Avatar for silversurfer250
    In 1997, Boone released In a Metal Mood: No More Mr. Nice Guy, a collection of heavy metal covers. To promote the album, he appeared at the American Music Awards in black leather. He was then dismissed from "Gospel America," a TV show on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. After making a special appearance on TBN with the president of the network, Paul Crouch, and his pastor, Jack Hayford, many fans accepted his explanation of the leather outfit being a "parody of himself". Trinity Broadcasting then reinstated him, and "Gospel America" was brought back.
  • Avatar for NobodyExpects
    Can you please change the photo? [2]
  • Avatar for Pryde
    Please vote for Elvis Presley in [url=]The American Rock League[/url]!!
  • Avatar for JawadQ
    But why oh why did you do it Mr. Boone? Why 'No More mr. Nice Guy"???? It sucks monkey balls dude.... but i still love moody river and the other classics! Its actually funny how this guy Pat Boone a respectable singer/artist raped his own career in covering Hard Rock songs haha!
  • Avatar for Hojaplateada
    Metaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!! \m/ \m/
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  • Avatar for Cajungrandma
    Heart Throb of the 50s and early 60s. He had some good songs
  • Avatar for SkaTr6
    Holy Diver!!
  • Avatar for edpret
    This is not the original, shame
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  • Avatar for JOJOKYRA
    metal head :)
  • Avatar for birgittmanny
    immer wieder nur superklasse!!!!!!
  • Avatar for fgfdgfgfdgfdgfd
    he is a fake. he copies his song period
  • Avatar for RottenBerry
    I saw a tape of this man trying to cover rock songs back in the day..and as my instructor pointed out, he is "uniquely" unqualified for such work. LOLz worthy, really.
  • Avatar for richardmcmillan
    Tabletter, your a sh-t, the record is good fun, you miserable person
  • Avatar for weezescorcho
    My new god.
  • Avatar for Tabletter
    A real asshole, but Speedy Gonzales is the shit.
  • Avatar for Tabletter
    Speedy Gonzales!!
  • Avatar for Cyankali
    speedy gonzales <3
  • Avatar for aphorismenoi record while having a drink. i prefer him to metallica since. :)
  • Avatar for aphorismenoi
    in 1997 (i m not sure, though) there was a documentary at mtv about him recording in a metal mood (some headbangersball special). he vistited a bunch of the artists whose songs he wanted to play and there was hardly someone NOT taking the mikey out of him. but he didnt mind in an 'i have to do that way'. last scene was pat boone sitting in his villa beside his pool listening to his ...
  • Avatar for KlaY-de-12
    I had the biggest laugh of my life while listening the metal covers album. THANK YOU PAT BOONE !!
  • Avatar for Vami
    This album is great
  • Avatar for meanmrmustard
    Sad how his most popular songs are from that metally cover album.

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